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The Highways of South Carolina I-520 
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From: US 1, US 78 North Augusta (Aiken County)
To: Georgia State Line, Beech Island (Aiken County)
Total Length: 1.5 miles  
US 1, US 78: 0 - 0
GA STATE LINE: 1.5 - 1.5
Creation: I-520 was opened in South Carolina 6/22/04 (SCDOT press release) as new construction.
Adjustments: None
Improvements: Freeway since inception.
Comment: I-520 is an extension of the much older Georgia I-520.
I-520 is slated to be extended north back to I-20 in the vicinity of the US 25/SC 121 interchange. SCDOT's website projects construction to begin in 2007. I wonder if 520 will be renumbered once it makes a complete loop with I-20.

Last Update: 22 December 2004

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