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Presentation of Qualifications


Summary of Qualifications:

·       Multidisciplinary research/development/scale up/manufacturing (have over 35 years experience) in the development of chemical processes from research to scale up for pilot and full scale manufacturing for bulk multi-step organic synthesis.

·       Have unique ability to design, and construct glass lined and stainless steel agitated and jacketed reaction systems, as well as large scale glassware 22-100 liters as well as associated services such as piping and valves in glass process pipe, stainless and galvanized steel.  Designed and constructed refrigeration and heat transfer fluid systems.

Can design and construct:

·       Solids handling - such as centrifuges, porcelain neutsche and sealed vacuum funnels, vacuum shelf, fluid bed, and freeze dryers.

·       Liquid handling – distillation equipment – oil seal and liquid ring seal vacuum pumps, packed distillation columns, condensers and receivers and associated vacuum traps and process piping.

·       Specialist in improving and streamlining processes and plant production, smoother start ups and lower capital/operating costs.

·       Expert in catalytic hydrogenation – high and low pressure – from research to plant scale, using homogenous and heterogeneous catalysis.

·       Skilled communicator and documentation expert can work independently as a supervision or, as a team, with research, development and analytical personnel.

·       Familiar with current analytical techniques such as HPLC, GLC, IR, NMR, and TLC.


Professional Experience:

Cyclo International

ROC/RIC (Research Organic/Inorganic Chemical Corp)

International Chemical and Nuclear (ICN)

Olin Matheieson



Ph.D. (Organic Chemistry) Eurotechnical Research University – 1968 Thesis: “Ring Formation in Organic Chemistry; Mechanisms and Pathways and Synthesis of Bicyclics, Polychclics and Heterocyclics by Ring Closure and Intermolecular Acylation”.


Master of Science – International Institute for Advanced Studies – 1962 Thesis: “Synthesis and Characterization of Alkyl Cyclopentanones as precursors to Jasmonoids”.


Associations/Professional Memberships:

American Chemical Society

Consulting Chemists Association

American Association for the Advancement of Science

National Association of Industrial Technology

New York Academy of Sciences

Who’s Who in Science and Engineering



45 Scientific Monographs

2 Chapters in Chemistry for Specialists

List available on request


Business Experience:


Responsible for managing a technical group of professionals with annual sales in excess of $1.5 million per year

Introduced a system of quality control by instrumentation by introducing quality circles with employee involvement teams throughout the manufacturing division


Organized 4 major product lines including inorganics, metals, organometallics and organic intermediates for university and pharmaceutical development

As a key member of the management team developed strategic plans from manufacturing to marketing and advertising.


Directly supervised all aspects of manufacturing including plant design and construction


Experienced in developing compatible relationships with large corporations for the development of products for clients.


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