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Nuking Protoss

The easiest and funnest race to nuke since the only threat are observers and cannons and possibly psionic stormed if you are fighting experts(but if u planned your nuke cannons are no threat).

Since EMP is so awesome against the protoss in nuking you better have it researched. Unlike Terran and Zerg only 1 nuke is required to do critical damage. Your squad should consist of a dropship, 1 ghost, 2 meds, and a science vessel. Once you've planned and scouted the base for your target, land your dropship in the planned zone and proceed to the target. Move the vessel around a bit once you've landed to find any observers, if any are found blind with the medics. Once you've blinded any observers continue on the target and "paint" the target about 2 seconds after starting the countdown EMP the building(s) that you plan on annihilating and watch the fireworks(while maintaining a lookout for observers) Most people are very angry or speechless after losing all their tech/unit producing structures in one nuke. This works suprisingly well because people like to cram all their buildings into one little square.