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Nuking Terran

The hardest race to nuke because of comsat and science vessels(Turrets are useless to defend against nukes if you plan your nukes).

Basically your going to need to get 2 nukes to do critical damage to any of the terran buildings cept turrets,depots, and bunkers. Your nuke squad should consist of a dropship, 1-2 ghosts, 2-3 meds with blind, and restore and 1 science vessel with EMP and extra energy. Find the enemies Comsat station and EMP it so that it has no energy to comsat and find you. Hopefully you've already scouted for a place to nuke and drop. Drop and begin the nuke and blind any science vessels that come for you. If they have a second comsat station u might have missed or too many science vessels to blind(i doubt it) then d matrix your ghost and with med support he should live unless they have a whole bunch of tanks.

Note: considering most people don't have the time to get 2 nukes don't nuke the big buildings(barracks,factories,engineering bays etc.) go for defense or their supplies. Most terran players are stupid and box their depots this makes for perfect nuking and crippling their suppies for awhile. Keep this in mind while planning.