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Nuke 101

For your own safety

Your Basic squad for nuking

Planning is one of the most imporantant aspects of nuking. Most everyone i know doesn't plan nukes, they just go out and nuke and usually die. Planning is basically using your comsat to find suitable landing locations and detectors + your target that you intend on nuking.

Terrain plays an important role in nuking. I'm stating this now, don't just walk right up to a big cluster of men/buildings right out in the open and nuke themThey will find you!. Use cliffs or nuke across the water. If none of this is available don't them from the front, just go around and nuke at the least obvious place(this is rare tho and only happens on 0 clutt maps/$$$maps/and Shared maps basically all the same. Be Creative every blizzard map has unique nuke areas that most people overlook.

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