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1-31-05 - I am working on updating things that need to be updated. My 288 Questions are updated now, but it's more on the way. @_@;
12-12-04 - Sorry guys. I updated the Poetry section two months ago, yet never mentioned it here. Again, I apologize. I am now 19 years old, addicted to DDR, and beginning to change my religious views. I also have many friends from NGC I've made and I look forward to adding various pics and other asundries to the site as... Well, as I feel like and think of doing it. Now, I must sleep. X_x Oh! And I'm now worth more than I was before on HumanForSale.com. Yayyyy!
5-14-04 - I finally was able to update. Yeah, Angelfire has been an ass, and so there are two new poems, finally. I still have a bunch unfinished that probably don't need to be published but ah well. I am also working on an icon journal presently, too, but I just haven't finished yet. It'll be next up on my list. Oh!! And there's another thing I've written like Tira's Resolve, but it's for Witch Hunter Robin. I think I overdid the Catholic upbringing thing, but I'm not sure. She's devout, I know, but how devout is where I'm uncertain.
1-29-04 - I added a new poem. I'm sorry it's not too happy.
1-26-04 - A month later. ^_^;; Well, since it's a snow day, and my site is gradually getting almost too big for Angelfire, I've deleted the blinkie area. Sorry, but there are other sites that have more than me, too. I am also added 5-6 fansigns so yeah @_@;;; Marine also won the last Kiriban! Sweet XD I made her a blinkie thingy lol *back to worh*... If Angelfire ever halfway works... >.>;;
12-26-03 - Ahh, another update, and less than a month ago! Yay me!! Ahem.. o.o Well, I have 3 more fansigns (@_@) that are now up, and also, another entry in the Strange Things page. Many strange things out there... o.o

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