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Aaliyah - A Heavenly Tribute


This site was created in order to pay proper tribute to the late, great singer/actress Aaliyah Dana Haughton. She will always be remembered as the majestic angel she grew to be and the everlasting idol she is looked upon as. With her family's sorrow comes her fans' deepest sympathies.

Let us not forget 'baby girl', as 2003 is a new year. Let us also give thanks for the blessing of the voices of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez and Jam Master J, both killed last year in separate, tragic circumstances. As you look around on my site, give thanks for those around you whom you might otherwise take advantage of.

Aaliyah's Parents Settle Plane Crash Suit
MIAMI - The parents of R&B singer and actress Aaliyah have reached an undisclosed settlement in a negligence lawsuit over her death in a 2001 plane crash, family attorneys said.

A chartered Cessna 402B carrying Aaliyah and eight others crashed shortly after takeoff on a flight from Marsh Harbour in the Bahamas to the Miami suburb of Opa-locka. Investigators believed the plane was 700 pounds overloaded.

Attorneys for Aaliyah's parents, Diane and Michael Haughton, filed a notice in federal court Thursday to say the case has been settled with an agreement to keep details confidential. Calls to attorneys in the case were not returned Monday.

The parents sued plane operator Blackhawk International Airways Corp., owners Skystream Inc. and Gilbert Chacon and flight broker Atlantic Flight Group. Blackhawk did not have permission from the Bahamas for commercial flights.

Aaliyah, a million-selling singer turned movie star in "Romeo Must Die" and "Queen of the Damned," was 22 when she died.

She won top female artist honors last month at the annual Billboard R&B-Hip-Hop Awards following five nominations the year before.
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Eulogy given by Aaliyah's brother at her funeral
By: Rashad H. Haughton

We are here today to celebrate the life and acknowledge the transition into peace of Aaliyah. In addition, we keep in our hearts the eight passengers who not only worked with her but loved her too. Keeth Wallace, Eric Forman, Gina Smith, Luis Morales, Scott Gallin, Doug Kratz, Christopher Maldonado, and Anthony Dodd.

As we live each day on this earth, we write a chapter in the book of our lives. It is a book filled with stories of happiness, laughter, adventure, danger, sadness, joy, pain, and love. Every person that smiles at us as they pass us by on the street; each is important in creating the myriad of memories that make us who we are, I believe that time exists so that we may pinpoint each one of those memories in our book of life. When the time comes for our book to be finished, we can go back and re-experience any moment that we wish to for however long we desire. God has decided that Aaliyah's book is done, and now she can sit by his side and enjoy flipping through the pages of her life and finally learn the meaning of the mystery we are all still living here on earth.

Aaliyah was my little sister, my best friend, my hero, my perfect love. I knew all her little secrets and she knew all of mine. Whenever I was lost or felt there was no way out, she was there to take my hand and guide me through. What made her so special was that although she was a star, when you met her she made you feel like a star. Babygirl, I will see your smile in every sunrise and feel the warmth of your touch in its rays. I will remember how your tears cleansed my soul in every raindrop and your kiss like the wind on my face. When the birds sing I'll hear your angelic voice resonate through the sky. I'll look at the moon and stars and see the twinkle in your eye, I'll walk the earth knowing that you are everywhere. Looking down from heaven, waiting for your big brother to get there. Hold her for me God, Amen.

Hey everyone! I'm back... I know you all missed me very much. I just wanted to let you know that within the next week this site will be back up and running to its full potential. Thanks for keeping me popular and please continue to support our fallen idols.


Aaliyah at the 2001 'Essence of Soul' Awards