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Wanted All Inventors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Claim Your Fame and Fortune!

Share Your Ideas With the World and Become An Inventor!



     You are reading the The Beacon Of Truth Daily and see this large advertisement.  You have always had lots of good ideas for making life and work easier for men.  Inspired by your recent research and lessons on inventors around the turn of the century, you decide to try your hand at the inventing game in order to claim your fame and fortune.  Realizing that two heads are better than one, you call on your friends to help you!  With the help of your teacher and random selection of the computer, your group assignments have been made for you (what a relief).  Check the board for your group assignment and move on to the task section of this webquest.




You have formed your group and you are ready to tackle the task at hand.  As a new inventor you know that you will need to complete a number of  items in order to sell your innovation to this company.  Put your heads together and include the following in your presentation.  Tasks should be completed in the order listed below and each task must be checked off by the teacher before beginning your next item.  Remember "the early bird gets the worm" so use your group work skills to develop your ideas and come up with a winning presentation.  Outside judges will rate your presentation.

a.  Written description of your invention that covers all items listed in your group's description.  This should be at least 3-5 paragraphs.  See Rubric For Essay.

b.  A name and catchy slogan for your innovation.  See Innovation Rubric.

c.  A detailed drawing of your innovation. See Innovation Rubric.

d.  A power point presentation (See Powerpoint Presentation Rubric) that outlines the important features of your innovation for your oral presentation  (See Innovation Rubric) to the class.


Your group is assigned to develop an innovation in one of the three areas below:



picture of various symbols of transportation

Group A:  Transportation Innovation

 Design what you believe will be the transportation vehicle of the future.  Take into consideration environmental issues, cost of the vehicle, appearance, power sources, and where you will be able to operate your vehicle.  Be creative and think outside of the box.  You are only limited by your group's imagination.



picture of dictionary definition of communication

Group B:  Communication Innovation

Staying in touch is so important these days and you suspect it will only become more important in the future.  Design what you believe to be the ultimate in a communication innovation.  Be sure to include portability, features of the device, users, cost, advantages of the product, and design.



picture of energy symbol

Group C:  Energy Innovation

Boy, sources of energy have become quite an issue.  Fossil fuels are running dangerously low and a new source of energy is critical to our future.  Since you are a rocket scientist in training, you have decided that you and your group will explore this area of innovations.  Be sure that your invention is earth and environmentally friendly, can be readily found on earth, is affordable for most American families, and will remain plentiful in the future.




Be sure you have reviewed information on these areas of innovations by visiting some or all of the following websites.  It would be a good idea to draw on the experience of some of the inventors we have discussed in class.  Remember, history and experience are some of the best teachers.  Good luck and surf these sites for idea springboards and information.  See Rubric for Innovation for elements to be included in your innovation.

Getting Started With Inventions

Inventors and Keys To Inventions


Early Autos

Henry Ford and Mass Production                                            

Henry Ford-His Life

The Assembly Line                                                                                                                    

History of the Automobile

Automobile Fact Sheet

Early Automobiles

The Henry Ford Museum

Ford Motor Company

Daimler Chrysler Corporation

          Check out the books in the classroom library on your topic!!



Bell Telephone Drawings 

Mr. Watson Come Here 

Alexander Graham Bell Info  

Bell Scientist and Inventor

Bell Timeline

The First Telephone

AT&T History

History of the Telephone

AT&T History-video 


AT&T Innovations/Technology

Nokia Innovations

Check out the books in the classroom library on your topic!!



 Edison and Ford

US Dept. of Energy

US Dept of Energy History and Milestones

Pioneers In Energy 

Edison's Light Bulb

Life of Thomas Edison

Thank You Mr. Edison

Thomas Edison Biography 

Failed Inventions of Mr. Edison

Check out the books in the classroom library on your topic!!




Student Reminders

Students will present the group checklist and final product of each of the items listed in the task section for review before moving onto the next assignment.  Assignments must be completed in the order listed in the task section of the webquest.

Students will use the Art Supply Center to check out materials needed to complete the poster of their innovation and their catchy slogan.

Students will use classroom computers to construct Power Point Presentations.  These will be saved to a CD and presented on the White Board to the class.  Computers utilizing Microsoft Word will be used to write and edit the group's paper.  All students will turn in the rough draft and handwritten contributions made toward the completion of the paper.

Rubrics should be consulted before you begin your work.  Your work will be assessed based on these charts. See rubrics below:

PowerPoint Rubric

Essay Rubric

Innovation Rubric




The Library of Congress   

American Memory Collection of  The Library of Congress 

The Smithsonian Online Encyclopedia

The Henry Ford Museum

Ford Motor Company

Daimler Chrysler Corporation

Nokia Phone Company

US Department of Energy





This is to certify that you are now an official inventor.  The imagination is an amazing thing-the only limits it knows are the ones that you place on it.  Put your heads together and the sky is the limit.  Try your hand at it, but remember the invention is not officially yours until you own the patent! 


Check out these websites for additional information.  They are packed with information.


All About Inventors  

What In The World Is That?  American Memory Collection 


                                          Let's Go Surfing!!             pictue of a man surfing on a computer diskette




Teacher's Page

This project was designed for a fifth grade US History class.  Students were heterogeneously grouped and worked  in randomly selected groups. Before students attempt this page a careful and thorough understanding of the word and concept of innovations should be developed.  Before this project was attempted students participated in a 2 day lesson on the innovators of the turn of the century with a special emphasis on Ford, Bell, and Edison.  Students studied and discussed the common qualities of these innovators, completed a graphic organizer (web) and two column notes on these inventors prior to beginning the webquest.  


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