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August 8, 2002


Dear Students and Parents,

            Welcome to the 2002-2003 school year.  My name is Ms. McTeer and I am looking forward to having each of you in my AP Biology class this year.  I expect this to be a fun class, a rewarding experience, and a great year.  I have great expectations for each of you to do your best and participate.  Give your best and you cannot fail.

            The grading scale is as follows:

                        A = 93 - 100

                        B = 85 - 92

                        C = 77 - 84

                        D = 70 - 76

                        F = 0 - 69

Your grade percentage will be calculated by dividing the number of points you have earned by the total number of points possible.  Points will be given in the following:

1.   Daily Grades - This includes homework and classwork assigned during the course.  This will include problem solving, questions, and worksheets.  Show all work because you can be given partial credit.  Daily Grades count as 5% of the final grade.

2.      Laboratory work - We will be doing many lab exercises during the term.  You will be required to turn in a lab report on these exercises.  Lab work will count as 20% of the final grade.

3.      Quizzes - Quizzes will be announced and may include vocabulary and material covered in class.  Quizzes will count as 25% of the final grade.

4.      Chapter tests - Chapter tests will count twice and will be given within two days of completing the unit.  Tests will count as 30% of the final grade.

5.      Exam - An exam will be given at the end of each nine weeks.  These will cover the material covered during the nine weeks.  Exams will count as 20% of the final grade.

Make up work - Make up work will be given with an excused absence and must be completed within one week of the absence.  If you fail to make up the work, you will be given zeros.  Please take care of this as soon as you return to class.

 Expected behavior in class:

 1.      Show respect for teachers, other students, and visitors in class.

 2.      Bring your book, notebook, paper, pencils, and any other necessary materials to class.

 3.      Be in the room on time.

 4.      No gum, food, or drinks allowed in class.

 5.      Follow all rules outlined in the Agenda.

 Consequences for misbehavior:

                                    1st time - Warning

                                    2nd time - Detention and parent notification

                                    3rd time - Demerits


            Detention will be held on Tuesday and Thursday every week from 3:30 until 4:00pm in Room 100.  You will be given at least one day notice to make arrangements.  If you are absent on the day you have been assigned, you will be required to make it up the following week.  Failure to serve will result in an office referral and possible CAPS.  If there is a problem attending detention on the day you are assigned, please see me to reschedule.

 If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me at (864) 949-2355 ext. 352 or email me at Thank you for your support and cooperation.


I have read, understand, and agree to the expectations set forth in Ms. McTeer's class.

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