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Requirements for AP Biology

 AP Biology is much harder and more time consuming than many of the courses you have taken.  You are covering the same amount of information that a college freshman would be expected to learn.  We have 1200 pages of information to cover and 165 days to cover it.  To be successful, you will need to study each night.  This is a feat that can be accomplished but only with your help.  I give 110% to you to give you the information, explain it, and prepare you for the exam and I require you to give the same amount back by being prepared for class, turning in assignments on time, asking questions when you donít understand, and participating in every class. 

 You will have assignments nearly everyday.  You will be quizzed on a regular basis both with announced and pop quizzes.  Tests will be over many chapters.  I try to order these tests around topics and concepts.  To aid you in your preparation, maintaining a notebook is the easiest way to ensure that you have the information.

 I realize that many of you are involved in other activities like band, sports, ROTC, orchestra, clubs, and other difficult classes.  I also realize that each teacher expects you to be present and prepared each day for his or her classes.  I know that some absences cannot be helped but you are required to make up the work as soon as you get back.  If work is not made up, the grades become zeros. 

 Other than taking the AP exam, your second major assignment is designing a science fair project.  Over the summer, begin thinking about what parts of biology interest you and what you have questions about.  When school starts, we will take these ideas and create experiments.  Entering in the science fair not only contributes to your creativity and research ability but it can also be monetarily rewarding with scholarships. 

 I look forward to getting to know each of you better.  I am excited about this course and the information you can gain from it.  I am trying new ways to help you obtain this information.  Over the summer, check your email for messages.  Also, if you have questions and donít need an immediate answer, feel free to email me at