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Eukaryotic Genome Expression Webquest

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Complete the assignment as follows:

Load the following webpage: The Eukaryotic Chromosome and answer the questions below.

1.  When are histones synthesized?

2.  How many nucleotides are associated with each nucleosome?

3.  How large are looped domains at metaphase I?

Eukaryotic Replication

4.  What is the semiconservative model of replication?

5.  What is the difference between the leading and lagging strand?

Types of Chromatin

6.  What are the differences between heterochromatin and euchromatin?

7.  What are loops or puffs and where are they found?

The Eukaryotic Genome

8.  What is the difference between introns and exons?

9.  What have introns been hypothesized to do?

10.  Explain what is happening in the second set of pictures.

Transcription and Processing

11.  How are eukaryotic genes transcribed?

12.  When does prokaryotic translation begin?

Genes, Viruses, and Cancer

13.  What is cancer?

14.  What are oncogenes?

15.  What are three ways that viruses can cause cancer?

Now, go to the Quizzes page and complete the quiz on eukaryotic genome expression.