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AP Biology Syllabus

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First Nine Weeks Exams October 10&11


Topics                                                              Time Frame                             Lab/Activity


Biochemistry (Chapters 1-6)                                2.5 weeks                     Scientific Methodology; pH lab; Macromolecules lab; AP Enzyme lab


Cells (Chapters 7-8)                                           3.5 weeks                     Microscope lab; Powerpoint activity; AP Cell Membrane lab


Cell Processes  (Chapters 9-10)                          2.5  weeks                    AP Respiration lab; AP Photosythesis lab; Plant Chromotography


Exams                                                              .5 weeks


Second Nine Weeks Exams December 18&19


Cellular Reproduction (Chapters 11-14)                2.5 weeks                     AP Mitosis lab; AP Meiosis lab; PowerPoint activity;  Microscope activity Mendelian genetics activity; AP Fruit Fly lab


Molecular Genetics (Chapters 15-17, 19)  3.5 weeks                     AP Electrophoresis lab; AP Transformation lab; Student Prepared Activity


Evolutionary Biology (Chapters 20-23)                  2.5 weeks                     AP Hardy Weinberg Lab


Exams                                                              .5 Weeks


Third Nine Weeks Exams March 12&13


Diversity of Organisms (Chapters 25 30)            3.5 weeks                     Microscope Lab; Reading;


Structure and Function of Animals                       5.0 weeks                     Microscope lab; AP Physiology Lab; PowerPoint Activity; AP Animal Behavior Lab

(Chapters 36 45, 50)                                                   


Exams                                                              .5 weeks


Fourth Nine Weeks Exams May 20 21


Structure and Function of Plants                         3.0 weeks                     Plant physiology lab; AP Transpiration lab; Microscope lab(Chapters 31 35)         


Ecology  (Chapters 46-49)                                 3.0 weeks                     AP Dissolved Oxygen lab


AP Exam Review                                               2.0 weeks


Exams                                                              1.0 weeks