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McKinnon Racing Team

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Pictures From Swapping Motors

MotorSwap Pics

Had a little bit of bad luck while we where in Maine we spun a bearing in the motor. We had to pull it out and take it to get it redone. We have another motor to put into the car to get out points while the race motot is out.

Pictures From Oxford Speedway, Maine

Oxford Pics

Myrtle Beach Speedway Track Page

Myrtle Beack Track Page

Luv Racin

Luv Racin

5th-Race Had a little trouble with the heat race with car #77 we ended up spinning him out on the second start, the reason was come to find out he was having break problems they where locking up on him. They black flagged us thinking we just took him out.

The race was pretty good itself couldn't get to far up in the pack everyone was fighting we had a late spin from keeping us from taking out a friend.

4th-Race We started 11th and finished 11th cause of a car being disqualified for too much compression. Car was set up great only had to make a couple of adjustments the whole night. Running faster laps then we have been the whole season.

3rd-Race Not that great of a day for us. We make a adjustment before the race and made the car really lose and had some trouble, We came in and made a couple more adjustments but didn't make it all that better. During the race we had a run in with the #74 mini again cutting down on us and spinning himself out then under the caution trying to push us into the wall. The car was just not handling good this weekend, We are working on it now and will be ready for pratice Thursday.

Pics From The Run-Ins


2nd-Race We finished 9th but we ended up in 8th place cause the winner of the race was under weight. We had a good race a little run-into with the #74 car. car set-up was not too bad

1st-Race We finished 10th due to a late race cheap shot on a restart. The first lap we had a little problem with the #35 car and he got his cheap shot on the last restart with about 4 laps left. We had 8th prior to that.

4-1-04 Well pratice went great we ran the fastes we have run.

Pics of our Sponsors


Decals After Paint


Pics of the car being Painted


Pratice this saturday the 3-27-04 Michael's car is ready for it but mine is still down right now due to the wiring on the car we are gonna finish the wiring sunday after the pratice.

We should get some new pics of the car while we are at the track so everyone can see the new paint job that is on the car and to see what it looks like if they are interested in sponsoring the car.

3-15-04 We found our sponsor for the team it is J&M Plumbing.

3-2-04 We are getting the cars back together to get them on the track April 3rd. We are looking for sponsors for the 2004 racing season if you are interested or would like more info please contact us through e-mail.

We will have pics of the cars up shortly

Our first practice was 7-17-03 the fastest lap was 25.52 and the average was 25.8

We still have had no luck with getting the car to the track for a race. we have had it there 2 weekends in a row and it has rained out on both of them

7-26-03 We got rained out for the third week in a row. Going to get some more testing thursday and then get ready for the track saturday.

8-2-03 First Race. We where fighting a very loose car the whole night we completed the race with no damage and didn't finish last. Had a few spin outs but hit nothing and kept on going to get the checkered flag

8-9-03 Had a loose car during practice but was fixed for the race till we got into an accident with running into the 29 car. Pics in the link below

Crew and Car Pics

Pics of The Team

Pics of Accidents

Pics of my car in progress

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