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Find out who we really are with this hilarious video.
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Recent News:
May 31st, 2003I just moved the two Ikuzak matches into the NEW 1 VS 1 VOLUME 4. Yes there are now new movies available to download. These are from our most recent Punch Crew Assembly. We are getting together tonight so we will be doing all requests on our message board up until tonight. I moved the two Kitfox matches into Volume 4 since they are more recent. But some of the Volume 3's are fairly recent as well. But I'll just leave them since they would make Volume 3 look really small. We are almost done all of our vids, but now with all the requests, that's a lot more to do. Japanese movies will go up in the summer most likely. So don't always ask me please. The Japanese movies are going to be a lot of work. And I might be able to start the compressing and stuff on them someday.
May 29th, 2003You have to go and check out Nick's music video. Other Movies, Music Videos. It's pretty funny. I think I will be putting up the Gus Fight so that people can understand where we come from. There was this Gus guy on our old boards when we played 0.7. He said that we were wrong and should change and we argued about how our vids look cool. We called it playing for style. We didn't use repeptitive combos or moves. Sure we are different now cause anything goes, but he went and made a video just making fun of us. I'm going to upload it and link it through the Special Matches in the New Movies Section. It will have a picture of the neck. So check it out if you are confused on Nick's video. Oh and his vid is funny. I'm sure anyone that went to smashboards will find it funny, or anyone who has watched our Def Jam or that Givitooya or whatever it's called.
May 28th, 2003Damn that's a lot of movies to do. Ok so Mike is doing uploading and I just caught up to him in terms of making them available. Now some of our new ones are up. But there are still newer ones to come. Check out the New Sections. I put the worst 3 Ways into Volume 2 and the new ones into Volume 3. Same goes for the 1 vs 1's. The newest FFA's are in Volume 2. The New 1 vs 1's p0wn a lot of ass. They are pretty cool to watch due to much craziness. I highly recommend Teching as well as my first Ice Climbers match to go up. And Shit Kicking and Kiss Meh. I guess those are the only true newer ones. Oh and check out the team matches. There are some cool combos done in there cause the Dream Team 0wnz0rz. Except there is another rival Dream Team consisting of Dan and Nick. Dan is an outsider but is good. And when paired with Nick, they can beat Mike and I. But I think our new combination to p0wn will be Falcon and Ganondorf. I think our Fox and Falco are getting crazy so maybe we could whip them. There is still like 10 more to go, plus another 10 or so not done. Somewhere around 20. Oh and I think I will be putting up 5 from my comp. Or a little more. Damn I'm tired, but I have to stay up until 5am to prepare for my new night shift job starting tomorrow... So long for now.
May 23rd, 2003Guess I'll just give you an update. Mike and I have been working on uploading so you are going to get hit with 30+ new movies on Tuesday. All of those older ones from April will be stuck into Volume 2 since they are old. And any new ones from May will be put into Volume 3. So that's how that will work. My biggest apologies goes out to all the guys from our message board who didn't get to see their first request. But they will be done by Tuesday and they will be in the Special Matches Section. So stay tuned for some older yet new vids which are entertaining, plus the new new vids from the past two weeks which have some incredible fighting in them along with some electronic music. Sorry, but the commentary just got cut down sometimes due to us unloading on each other. Maybe if there were 4 of us, we could pump out some commentary. I think we will record some matches tomorrow because we have Dan and possibly some of his friends coming over to Mikes. Make sure to check out to see if your request is done, it will have a caption underneath the title. And these are the old ones, none of the newer ones were done. We will get to those sometime.
May 17th, 2003There are some new vids up. The new 3 Ways are the ones with Aaron in them and there are some new 1 vs 1's up and those are between Mike and I. Plus one between Aaron and Mike. I have provided 2 links for some of them so that there is twice as much bandwidth I guess. I highly recommend watching Threw Off My Game and Teh Pain as well as Broken Level, but that has only one link right now cause I ran out of pages to make today. Those are in the new 1 vs 1's in the higher volume of course. I also recommend going to the new 3 Ways and watching Biggest Beat Down Ever because it truly is funny and the biggest beat down in like 22 secs.
May 14th, 2003I guess some videos are down. We actually spent the night making videos, we are planning on selecting a few of the 60 matches that aren't up and only using those. But we did a major 1 vs 1 session where we just went crazy. Those are probably some of the best matches you will EVAR see. Especially the one where Mike and I are both Falco. HOLY CRAP IT WAS INTENSE. Be on the lookout for those in a few days or so. Those are top priority right now besides MIKE'S MUSIC VIDEO. We are in the process of just finishing it. Go to Other Movies, then Music Videos, his will be the top one. Oh and thanks to one of our users for the new title pic that I will be using for sometime. I was thinking about a Pic Of The Week thing. And he's working on a new side bar that I think will be good.

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