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This Is Jackie My Best Friend! We Have Been Friends For 5 Years, Been Roomates Though The Worst Times And Friends Through The best, But All Have Made Us Stronger!

Best Friends

I Remember All The Good Times, The Things We Shared, The Times We Cried. I Remember All The Fun Times, We Laughed So Hard We Thought We'd Die. We Shared So Much Together, Memories Engraved in My Mind. Everything About You , Will Not Be Lost in Time. I Love You So Dearly, I Wish That You Could See. No Words Could Ever Describe, How Much You Mean To Me. Remember That i'm Here For You, And Will Be Till The End. I Love You More Than Anything, Your Truly My Best Friend.

That's What Friends Are For

Together We've Been Through Everything, Some Good Times Some Bad. Some things Have Made Us Happy, Others Made Us Sad. But No Matter What Happened, Through Our Tears And Our Mistakes, You've Always Been Here For Me To Fix My Heart Before It Can Break. We've Gone From Heartaches To Headaches, Gone From Fights To Fears. But I've Always Seen You By My Side, To Pick Me Up And Dry My Tears. Through Rain Or Sunshine, Weather It May Be Wind Or Snow, I Can Always Count On You To Be There Wherever We May Go. Even Through Our Diffent Troubles, The Wonts The Cants The Wills, You'd Travel Any Distance, Mountains, Roads, Hills. Announcements Or Secrets, Whatever They May Be, I'll Always Be Here To Lend An Ear, You Can Always Count On Me. We've Shared Our Secrets With Each Other, And It Continues To Grow Strong. We've Stayed Best Friends Through Decisions Made, Weather They Be Right Or Wrong. As Our Lives Change Back And Forth, From One Thing To Another, We Will Always Stay In Contact, Best Friends Forver. Through The Years We've Grown So Close, And I Wish For Hundreds More. But if You Need Help Then I'll Be Here... Because That's What Friends Are For....