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Web Quest

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picture of women marching in the early 1900's



 EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!  The  Suffrageville Constitution Journal has just published an article "Taxation Without Representation Is Alive and Well!"  It is the early 1900's in the town of Suffrageville, S.C. Although you have to pay taxes, you will not be able to vote in the upcoming election because you are either a woman or a minority. The task will outline  each group's assignments dealing with issues on the right to vote.








You are an angry citizen that has just read the headlines about the right to vote. You will be assigned to a group below and your job will be to research and provide support  for your group's position. Each one of you will write a letter to the President voicing your concerns, you will prepare a picket sign to carry to a demonstration, and you will  give a speech on your views at a demonstration in front of  Freedom Elementary School.

GROUP A: You are a women that works both in and outside of the home. You give all of your earnings to your husband and pay taxes to the government. You are NOT allowed to vote because you are a women. You will research and write on opinions IN SUPPORT of women  having the right to vote.

GROUP B: What is wrong with your fellow women folks? They know a woman's place is in the home. To place the right to vote over her duties as a wife is irresponsible. You will research and write on opinions AGAINST women  having the right to vote.

GROUP C: You and your wife work in harmony. She has influence in the family setting and should have a say-so in what happens to our government. You will research and write on opinions IN SUPPORT of women  having the right to vote.

GROUP D: The right to vote has reared it's ugly head again! A woman is a decorative accessory for a man and needs to remember her place in society. You will research and write on opinions AGAINST women  having the right to vote.

GROUP E: You are a minority female that has few rights and is paid less than a white man or woman. If white women ever get the right to vote, you will possibly get that freedom, too. You will research and write on opinions IN SUPPORT of women  having the right to vote.










Review the information you have learned about Women's Suffrage, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

  1. NARA The National Archives Experience

  2. An American Time Capsule Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera

  3. 1893 Women Suffrage

  4. African American Suffrage

  5. Argument -Pro

  6. Catt -Speech

  7. Picture of voters

  8. Protest Programram

  9. Protest Speech

  10. The Woman's Bible (Reason) American Treasures of the Library of Congress

  11. Women's Suffrage The Early Leaders Manuscript Division


picture of a hand marking a ballot

Write a letter to President Roosevelt on whether women should have the right to vote or not. It will be necessary to give strong, persuasive arguments on your point of view. You will also need to prepare your speech in favor of or against this right; you may also use points given to President Roosevelt as the basis for this speech. All students will prepare a picket sign to support your perspective. See rubric for evaluation criteria of each task.

At the end of this unit, you will write our current President a letter in support of or against the Equal Rights Amendment.









Your grade will consist of the picket sign (sign rubric - 24 points), your letter to President Roosevelt (letter rubric - 24 points), your letter to the current President (letter rubric - 24 points), and your speech (speech rubric - 32) points. You have a chance to make a total grade of 104!! This project will count as 1/3 of your LA grade and 1/2 of your SS grade. See the attached rubric to see how you will be scored. You will also be asked factual questions on this unit on the chapter test at the end of this 6 weeks grading period. You may earn up to 30 points EXTRA CREDIT if you put important aspects of your "point of view" on a power point presentation (power point rubric - 30 points) to be shown to the other 5th graders.








This Web Quest has been designed to make you more aware Equal Rights. You will have a better understanding of what women and minorities had to endure without the opportunity to voice their opinion where it would count - by voting. These women helped pave the way for more rights for women and minorities. I hope this will help you answer the question "Do women and minorities have Equal Rights today?". What will you do to support how you feel about this question.







Teacher's Page


The Web Quest was designed to address Social Studies and Language Arts standards. The students should have already studied The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and different Amendments. The 1st two days of this unit would be done in computer lab so that all students can get on a computer and learn how to use and research the Library of Congress. After that time frame, students can rotate from research on classroom computers (5), the class art center where they will have materials to make their picket signs, the writing center where their speeches and letters are drafted, and the media area where videos can be seen. This is a great opportunity to get feedback and idea from family members about their views.