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For   details email  at Thank  You.   We   will   have   Yom   Kippur  -   Day   of   Atonement   -   Fall   on   our   face   before   G-D   ALL   day   Prayer   Virgil.     Please   email   Rabbi   For   details   at Thank  You.  

Congregation Beth L'Chaim

Torah Observant (Orthodox) Messianic Jewish Congregation

P.O. Box ???? Orangeburg, SC 29115

Please Email us for directions to BLCMJC

Rabbi Dale - Senior Rabbi

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Welcome to

Congregation Beth LíChaim

Torah Observant (Orthodox) Messianic Jewish Congregation


I am Messianic Rabbi Dale, & I hope you are having a Great Day in G-D!

BLCMJC Mission Statement

Magnify: We celebrate G-D's Presence in Worship, & Service to ALL of G-D's Creation.

Mission: To fullfill the SHEMA & to stand up & support Eretz Y'srael.

Membership: To bring together Both Jews & Gentiles to become the Mispoucha (G-D's family) into G-D's fellowship.

Maturity through Havalkah Discipleship: We mold & shape Believer's into a Mature Life through dying to self & living in G-D. Through a committed change in Lifestyle & Holy Living For the Glory & Praise of G-D. This is more than simple "discipleship".

Ministry: We demonstrate G-D's Love through Service to G-D & to Others.

Great Commission:To bring the Lost People - those who are in Sin, who have been robbed by the evil one, to Yeshua Ha Masciah and to take on membership in His family through Yeshua's Blood Attonement.

To develop them to Messiah-like maturity, and equip them for the Abudant Life that Messiah Promised. To in turn they too can bring others to Messiah & help in Havalkah Discipleship as they have been, thus fullfilling

Messiah's Great Commission Call!

So that G-D recieves ALL the Glory & Praise, for His Glory For HIM alone!!!

Congregation Beth L'Chaim

Torah Observant (Orthodox) Messianic Jewish Congregation

P.O. Box ???? Orangeburg, SC 29115

Please email us for Worship locations at

Rabbi Dale - Senior Rabbi

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