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Sponsor Banner Joyful Joyful We are Celebrating a Great Year In Messiah Yeshua !!!!!

Joyful Joyful We are Celebrating a Great Year In Messiah Yeshua !!!!!

Beth L'Chaim

Messianic Jewish Congergations

P.O. Box ???? Orangeburg, SC 29115

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Rabbi Dale - Senior Rabbi

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Welcome to

Beth L'Chaim Messianic Jewish Congergations


I am Messianic Rabbi Dale, & I hope you are having a Great Day in G-D!

BLCMJC Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Messianic Jew?

Q. When & Where do You Worship?

A. We still Jews & as G-D told us "To keep the 7th Day, to keep it Holy." That is what we call the Shabbat (Sabath) We worship in what is called a Synagogue or Temple.


You will find that many of Christian Rituals were taken from Judaism. Of course many Christian Rituals are also taken from various Pagan Rituals as well as from various cultures across the Earth.


Q.My Pastor which has various degrees and a very learned man, has often spoke about Jewish people believe. Recently I talked to a Jewish person & i told them what my Pastor said about what Jewish believe & how they live etc. This Jewish Person told mwe that that is not how we (Jewish People) believe at all.

Is my Pastor wrong about Jews and Judaism?

A. Without Knowing you Pastor, I can say with much assurance that Yes He problay means well, but don't have a clue on what we beileve or how we live. Many Pastors go to school & learn a lot of junk & then they unknowingly past this false information on to there church members. This is a sad tale.

I believe this is how a lot of Jewish hatred starts, by a lot of misinformation etc.

I know of one pastor that went over to Israel & had a tour guide that rubbed him the wrong way & now he wants the Jews to give up the Land & die. This same pastor preaches love & enspouses hatred toward me and others.

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Beth L'Chaim Messianic Jewish Congregations

P.O. Box ???? Orangeburg, SC 29115 (803) 555-5555

Please email us for Worship locations at

Rabbi Dale - Senior Rabbi

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