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Sponsor Banner Joyful Joyful We are Celebrating a Great Year In Messiah Yeshua !!!!!

Joyful Joyful We are Celebrating a Great Year In Messiah Yeshua !!!!!

Beth L'Chaim

Messianic Jewish Congergations

P.O. Box ???? Orangeburg, SC 29115

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Rabbi Dale - Senior Rabbi

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Welcome to

Beth L'Chaim Messianic Jewish Congergations


I am Messianic Rabbi Dale, & I hope you are having a Great Day in G-D!

BLCMJC Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Messianic Jew?

Q. Are you Jewish or Christian?

A. Let me first explain about Judaism first in order to properly answer you question.

Within Judaism there is 5 Branches that in the Christians world would be called "Denominations".

These 5 branches are

  • Orthodox Judaism

  • Conservative Judaism

  • Reform/Liberal Judaism

  • Reconstructive Judaism

  • Messianic Judaism

Each of the branches are Jews even through we each have a different view of what Judaism is.

Now Messianic Judaism is those Jews who have been in one of the other branches but now have come to know that the "Messiah" we have been waiting on is Yeshua Ha' Masciah or Yeshua the Messiah. Gentile Christians call him in English "Jesus Christ", which the word has only been used for only in existence for a 1,000 years. Many people of various languages call Him by various names but His original Name is Yeshua.

Q. The Question is wheter we are Jewish or "Christian"?

A. We are Jews that as i said before have come to know that Yeshua is the promised Messiah. Yes we are still Jews and problay more so since many of us before we come to Yeshua didn't go to temple very much except High Holy Days. Like some so called Christians only go to church on Christmas Eve & Easter.

Q. Are we Christians then?

A. I would have to answer No & Yes. let me explain.

The word "Christian is a Gentile word & since we are NOT Gentiles but rather we are Jews the Answer would be No.

But Yes we are Followers of Yeshua is also called Jesus we in a sense are Christian but Not Christian. We are still Jews. Even through we can all come to Him Equally we have our distinfullness.

We as Jewish Believers are the Original Church even before the Catholics. Many Gentiles are now coming to us & waiting to find out about their "Jewish Roots"

Now Let me explain more of what a Messianic Jew is on the Next Page Please Click Here

Beth L'Chaim Messianic Jewish Congregations

P.O. Box ???? Orangeburg, SC 29115 (803) 555-5555

Please email us for Worship locations at

Rabbi Dale - Senior Rabbi

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