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Service Area for China Automobile Media


To who it may concerned,

As China remains as an emerging automobile market, the necessity of high-quality automobile printed media for potential car-buyers and machine enthusiasts is growing as well. Furthermore, the construction of SIC, Shanghai International Circuit, and following China Grand Prix in year 2004 approved by Bernie Ecclestone both boost public interests about motorsport in China even more. As expected, market of automobile periodicals would be more volatile and fierce than anytime past.

I do believe that both you and me at least have two things in common: Do our best to deliver
 the best materials to customers/readers and make profit from that. I may be able to add the third point: The enthusiasm about Automobile industry and Motorsport! 

Worked for various Chinese Language-based medias which focus on civilian and competition
 vehicles, I have accumulated significant amount of knowledge and build personal network to other freelance article contributor for automobile industry, which could be useful for your future development.  

Four sample articles are provided on media pack page, which cover the areas of F1 Business,latest situation of global manufatures, Market trend and behind the scene of automobile industry.Further detail of my current/previous work expreience can be found there as well.

I look forward to working with editorial staffs in China. My service, which could be most suitable for Chinese-based periodicals/magazines, includes authorized article written in simplified Chinese
 and high quality, ready-for-publication pictures. Around 30 pages (24,000 words) of articles will be provided every month and they could easily help your publication to get beyond other competitors. My ultimate goal is looking for long-term, committed cooperation and viewed it as a serious partner from the aspect of development.

Please don't hesitate to call me direct on


or fax


or e-mail me at

if you have any further question or discussion.

Yours truly,

                                                                                            Hunter Hsu







许鸿德(Hunter Hsu)已经拥有将近7年的汽车媒体相关工作经验(包括中国与新加坡的华文媒体),过去也曾担任过台湾汽联的科技顾问。之前拿到英国Southampton University航天工程硕士后、现在于意大利米兰理工攻读航天博士。他过去的经历都列于英文版的说明文件中,你可以在媒体服务区中下载。四篇内容包括F1幕后报导、全球车厂策略分析、汽车产业观察及汽车生活的试阅文章也已经放置在该区中。

Hunter Hsu正在寻求与中国境内的长期独家合作伙伴(月刊形式),他提供立即能够进行排版的文章与高品质的照片。您可以来信索取Sample Package,我们将会很乐意提供。英文版的说明文件中也列出了如何能在互联网上阅读到他的部分文章。


Last updated @ 22/08/2003