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SC League

Planning to try to get a starcraft league together. 3v3 format on various maps such as Bridge to Bridge 98, Hunters, Wheel of War, Tribes and such. The map will be revealed on the day of the match. The league will start up as soon as I hear from 10-20 teams. To register your team e-mail me at League matches will take place on saturday nights at 8:00. If your team cannot make it one week please notify me via e-mail so that i can attempt to pair up all of the teams that are available. If a person leaves or is dropped or leaves then that is it and they are out of the match. Hacking (although I should not need to say it) will immediately disqualify both you and your team from the league. Additional rules will be e-mailed to you when enough teams have registered. If you ever wish to know your teams ranking just e-mail me and get back to me as soon as possible. Also one player from the winning team must save the replay of the win for it to be valid. Otherwise both teams will be forced to forfeit the match. Only the one representative from each team should e-mail me and they must include the names of at least two other team members (you may have up to four however the matches will only be 3v3).

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