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25 Keele Valley 25
(Is it ever going to close?)

    Keele Valley is a landfill in the city of Vaughan. It is 376 hectares wide and surrounded by Abandoned residence area to the north, agricultural land to the south, open space to the east and a railway and restricted area to the west. 

    The Keele Valley landfill site is close to a 66 hectare zone named the Avondale Clay Extraction Site which is a yard composting.  

    In the history of Keele valley and Avondale, there was a law formed in 1995 that stated all yard waste composting stop on May 31, 1996. 
    In 1996, the OMB extended the Avondale closing date because the composted yard waste could be used to cover Keele Valley. 
    On August 18, 1998, The owner of Keele Valley sent an application to extend the By-Law and extended the closing date of the landfill and composting yard to May 31, 2002.
    To keep the 2002 closing date, the city council announced a "slow fill approach" that would help land usage in the landfill and that extended the closing date to December 2002. This saved Keele Valley Landfill but not Avondale Clay Extraction Site.
    The owner sent yet another application on January 25, 2000 to extend the By-law for another three years. The city council only extended Avondale's closing date to May 31, 2001. 
    In July of 2002, the city council took on the Maple Valley Plan which allowed the city to use the land to make future industries, commercial stores and parks. The city finally announced that the date for terminating all Keele and Avondale operations was in December 2003.

    If we send more garbage to Keele Valley, they will have a hard time getting rid of it to make extra land for the Maple Valley Plan.


    Below is a picture of the current Keele Valley Landfill site and the Avondale Clay Extraction Site. This was taken from  Scanned by me, Simon Xie and modified by me, Simon Xie.


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