How many times would I travel down this road?  Hopefully only once
I remember dreaming what felt like an eternity-tumbling occasionlly catching a glimspe of what appeared to be a bright flash that reminded me of colors reflecting through a quartz crystal. They appeared to have no shape or a definite form yet as I watched them flash for only moment-each one felt familiar.  It was if they radiated not only some type of energy but one of pure love-that seemed to envelope my entire being  Sometimes they came and went by so fast-I wasn't sure that they were really even there at all.  I often wondered how things would progress any further.  I relalized I already knew the answer when I suddenly found myself staring into the eyes of a creature too beautiful to describe the vision I beheld in front of me.  Without uttering a sound or a whisper but somewhere deep within my soul I heard 2 words echo softly 

"Welcome Home".

Somehow-someway I had entered into another time and place. I felt it in my bones. One thing I was sure of, I had crossed over into a place few would ever see; but it was all way too familiar. For a moment I looked down and tried to grasp the scene before me. I was looking down at someone I recognized surrounded by people rushing frantically around an emergencyroom table. When I looked closer I saw myself cold and lifeless and in the blink of a an eye I realized one thing.."somewhere I was alive but my body was now dead." I floated above the room while people physically cut my winter clothing off of me. I let out a scream. I knew it would never be heard. In the cold and sterile room I began drifting slowly away into darkness. Suddenly a flash of light burst forth out of nowhere and just as quicky as it had appeared-it rapidly disappeared into the darkness. Somehow I knew I was to follow-I had no choice.

I didn't struggle or resist but looked up into what appeared to be a
long tunnel or Stairway.   I began to ascend effortlessly-not feeling 
fear but truly became curious as to why the dickens I was 'here'
and my 'body" appeared to have plenty of attention elsewhere.

Was this 'Heaven or Hell'??  It appeared I would soon find out..

Either way I recalled the words "Welcome Home"; and so began
my Journey  to find out where  exactly "Home" was......

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