~The Guardians~

I recall one conversation with what I 'then' called "the CREATURE".
I could not and still cannot refer to 'them' as a "he or she' after what
I found out about these beings that were awesome to behold.
Late one night they came to me-no longer the buzzing flashing creature-
but one standing face-to-face with me.  I was absolutely speechless.
They seemed 'amused' at my curiosity and began to speak trying
to explain 'who' they were-saying some called them "Guardian Angels"-
but it also depended on the culture and times.   The physical appearance
of the creature was one I will forever remember and treasure.  Guardian
angels in most artwork are portrayed as cupid type winged babies-
mostly dwelling on facial beauty and physique.  Most were slender-
and height and weight proportionate.  The creature before me was
tall-and I mean TALL-maybe 7 foot.   The amazing thing was the 'wings'.
It had to have been 10 foot from top to bottom-sweeping sounds as it
walked.  The creature spoke in a non-male/female voice but one that
definitely was authoritative-calm but also a voice confident of what
was said.  A voice with power and calm.  I began questioning what
was the sudden or rapid movements that these creatures (*still hung
up on that word*) had-the capability to almost morph out of nowhere
at lightning speed-almost too fast to see anything but what I had called
"a flash of light" previously.   The creature seemed so amused I was
staring. Suddenly the scene changed and we were standing by tables
filled with candles and food-evey blessed fruit and veggie you can name!
The tables were lined up and were seemed endless-row after row.
I was about to ask why we were here-when suddenly I began to hear
what sounded like a buzz of a zillion bees filling my ears!! THEN I saw
what I had earlier-brilliant flashes-whizzing by me at the speed of light!
The creature beside me began to explain that much 'work' had been done
and still was here.  People were dependent on the "Guardians" but also
the Guardians were responsible for food, shelter and protecting this
place and the 'others' that resided here.  The rapid movements were
'the norm' in other words for these busy creatures.  Then the word
"death" came up.  The creature explained that the world was at war-
literally-and death was a part of life.  They went on to explain that all
life was precious-and sacred here-and death was actually a 'rebirth'
and the passing of the spirit was actually 'birthed' by these Guardians!
It was their 'job' to stand beside those passing to assure a safe journey
against anyone that could cause harm or try to interfere with what was
a perfectly normal part of life.   It was what was considered 'the crossing'
where these creatures actually 'lifted the spirit out of the physical body';
guarding it until it reached its' proper destination.   The creatures had
to nurture those who passed-to help them confront their fears of death;
realizing it is only bringing them to 'another door' in the spirit world.
A door which held many wonderful things-where life didn't end-where
illness was unheard of-but also most of all-where family rejoined with
others who had been awaiting their arrival.   Was this "heaven" I asked?
The creature nodded-and suddenly I heard what sounded like a choir
of voices singing in the distance.  I found myself now moving towards an
open door-and heard the voices now much clearer-stronger-LOUDER!!
It was then I saw them.   The creature pointed-raising one finger.  I
was staring at least 1,000+ of these gorgeous winged angels-all
standing side by side-for what I estimated that would equal 2 football
fields! Most stood tall-but then I noticed many were bowed-their wings
spread wide-touching the ground before them.   The words
"Holy Holy Holy" rang out in the open air in unison.  A light filled the skies-
but that is all I could see.   A bright light - brighter than the sun.
I sat down and wept as I beheld the sight of all of this-not understanding.

THIS was real.

I turned to the creature before me and yelled "Who ARE You??!"

I watched the creatures wings rising high above
me casting a shadow across my feet.

The gentle reply I heard next I will never forget...

"My name is Michael.  You are my Guest;
and I am your Guardian."

A feather floated through the air silently landing at my feet.


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