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I am dedicating this site to the two most important women in my life. My birth mother "Kathy" and my adoptive mother "Mary". I love you both very much. Thank you "Kathy" for giving me life and thank you "Mary" for teaching me how to live it!

I named this site "The Adoption Circle" because I really believe that our lives are a circle. From birth to death our lives continue and each person we encounter will affect us as we will them.

The adoption circle is a unique circle because from the time of conception to the decision of becoming a parent, an adoptive child's life is an intriguing quest for truth and reality. For the adoptive child life is a constant struggle for identity. The adoptee knows the realization of the adoptive life they have been given but to know one's own heritage is the devine question.

I am hoping that within this site I can help with some of the pros and cons of adoption from all that is involved. And also include some helpful links that will be beneficial. Please be patient, this site is new and will be updated and changed often. If you have any useful information please contact me via guest book or email. Thank you.........devotedadoptee ~Michelle~

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While researching many sites I was very saddened to see the lack of adoptee pages. We DO have our own thoughts and should not be afraid to speak out! While we can agree to disagree on all the objectives on adoption, adoptee's should be heard! Go to this page to visit a few of my favorite adoptee web sites.

Adoptee Links

Take a look at my other pages! If graphics or links do not load please refresh page. Have a wonderful visit...devotedadoptee!!

November 19 is National Adoption Month

National Adoption Month roots can be traced back more than 25 years. In 1976, the governor of Massachusetts first proclaimed Adoption Week and, later that year, President Gerald Ford made it official nationally. The number of States proclaiming the observance of Adoption Week in November grew, and in 1990, National Adoption Week became National Adoption Month. Today, National Adoption Month is celebrated throughout the United States during the month of November.

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God Bless Our Soldiers ...

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