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10 weeks
First trip to Charleston


Grandma is trying to entertain Madelyn--it's working!

Madelyn dressed in her pretties.

You think I am cute after my bath?

I am even cute from behind!

I am just relaxing in my Aunt Cathy's lap.

This is just the cutest little pose Mommie could not resist.

Humm, it looks weird from here.

She doesn't fit in the lens anymore.  This is like one of my favorite shots from when she was 1 week old.

What a cute shot of Madelyn in her car seat ready to go see Grandpa.

Then, we took out her paci... what a face!

Madelyn and Daddy doing what they do best... watching TV.

Daddy is trying his best to "train her right."

Daddy was getting his first Father's Day gift.

...And then this happens. What a perfect shot!!!

Madelyn giving Daddy her very own Father's Day gift.

Daddy takes kisses from Madelyn.

Grandma is taking Madelyn on a tour of her garden.

Madelyn likes the sunflowers the best.

Madelyn and Grandma are watching TV. That is where Daddy gets it from!

Aunt Cathy stopped by to visit after work.  She just couldn't to be away from Madelyn.

Madelyn is looking at Mommy not Grandma!!

Grandma likes to get Madelyn's attention when other people are holding her. 

Grandma with Madelyn on Grandma's pretty from porch.

No one can keep Grandma away.

Grandpa came over within 10 minutes of us telling him we were in town.

Madelyn has him wrapped!

Sandy is still amazed at how Grandpa is with Madelyn.

Madelyn visits with Trudy.

Grandpa would not give up Madelyn without a fight (unless there is a poopy diaper, of course).

Grandpa's first Father's Day as a Grandpa!

George hasn't held a little girl like this since Sandy.

Uncle Josh may be quiet, but he is hooked too.

You think Grandpa Jim is hard to imagine with Madelyn... try Uncle Jeff.

Aunt Cathy has to get her time in.

Aunt Cathy says, "What she's crying?  I though you had the touch Uncle Jeff... Don't try to hand her off to me."

I do weird stuff with Grandma.

Three generations.  Look at Grandma.  She is so proud of her little boy.

Another family picture.

Madelyn with Daddy and uncle Josh.

Granddaddy on his first Father's Day as a Grandpa.




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