“The Sign of the Prophet Jonas”

“O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times? A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and "there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas.” Matt. 16:3-4.

What did Jesus mean when saying that, “no sign shall be given . . . but the sign of the prophet Jonas?” What is the sign? What does it mean? What relevancy, if any, does “the sign” hold today for humanity?


The Book of Jonah was written at an important time in the history of the children of Israel. Prior to it having been written, Israel’s priests believed and taught the children of Israel that the God of Israel was a territorial god, and that it presided only over the land which they were physically occupying.

The nation of Israel had sprung from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and it was comprised of twelve tribes which were the direct descendants of Jacob’s twelve sons. A common belief then prevalent throughout the land of Israel was that the “arm of the Lord” [God’s authority] held sway only within the territorial boundaries of Israel, and that God’s influence ceased to exercise any control over, or provide any protection to, a traveling Israelite who had departed the land of Israel to journey into an adjoining or distant territory, nation or kingdom.

Thus, when departing Israel and entering into Assyria, the Israelites believed that no longer were they under the influence of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but rather, that they were subject to and under the control of Baal - the god in whom the Assyrian people were then investing their belief.

Should an Israelite be in Egypt, he would believe that he was under the control of Adam-Ra and Isis, the two prevalent gods in whom the Egyptian people then believed.

The belief in ‘territorial gods,’ was then most prevalent amongst the children of Israel when the Prophet, Jonas, appeared upon the scene.

The first Commandment bears out the fact that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob did not deny the existence of other gods, rather, the command plainly states that the children of Israel must not place any of the ‘other gods’ BEFORE Him!

Thus, the Book of Jonah is unique. It is the only prophetic Book of the Old Testament that uses the personal experience of the Prophet to illustrate the spiritual lesson it is intended to impart. Its spiritual import is unequaled in that it is humanity’s initial exposure to an absolutely pure, universal and uncontaminated monotheism.

Jonah was the first of Israel’s prophets to disclose the then startling fact that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob was not only the God of the Israelites, but moreso! He was the God of all the inhabitants of earth! - indeed, of all the Universe!

Once Jonah consciously realized this cosmic truth he began to experience some remarkable changes. However, in keeping with all genuine progress, Jonah experienced these changes one at a time. They began to transpire concurrent with the spiritual translation of many of his mistaken material beliefs in exchange for the spiritual understanding which invariably anoints consciousness as it undergoes a divestiture of matter-based reasoning.


The Book of Jonah records seven distinct changes that transpired deep within Jonah’s self-conscious awareness. We can observe these changes transpiring as Jonah’s obstinate disobedience begins to yield until, finally, it culminates into a complete and humble obedient surrender to God. The stirring shift, or spiritual translation, that caused Jonah’s bold disobedience to yield to humble obedience transpired, exclusively, within Jonah’s self-conscious awareness.

Christian Science identifies this process as constituting a conscious “change of base.”

Science reveals:

“Christian Science acts as an alternative, neutralizing error with Truth. . . .The effect of this Science is to stir the human mind to a change of base, on which it may yield to the harmony of the divine Mind.” S&H 162:5.

Proportionally, as Jonah’s material beliefs yielded within the private subjective precincts of his own intelligent, self-conscious awareness, did he commensurably discover himself possessed with and anointed by the divine afflatus of spiritual understanding!


To discover the “sign,” the “seven seals of error” that forbid access to the Book’s treasure must first be unlocked in order that the Book may yield up the hidden treasure which Christ Jesus had prophesied.

The “seven seals of error” were and are seven mental influences, or predispositions which confronted not only Jonah, but also, every individual to ever live upon earth. These ‘seals’ are mental barriers which combine to act as a barrier to prevent humanity from discovering its own divinity. In the case of Jonah, these seven restrictive influences were mental impediments that he encountered exclusively within his own mind. It is at the pinnacle of individual, self-conscious awareness that the human discovers and experiences the Only Uncreated, Self-Conscious Being/being the self-conscious human! This perpetual Self/self-conscious coincidence is a relationship of reciprocal necessity!

Throughout the Book of Jonah, whenever and wherever a reference is made that depicts God either coming to or speaking with Jonah from some point or place outside or beyond the immediacy of his own self-conscious awareness - from a point or place ‘out there’ somewhere within the objective realm - such misimpressions are entirely incorrect.

Throughout the Book of Jonah, the God that spoke to Jonah; that heard and answered his prayers; and with whom Jonah engaged in on-going intelligent interaction, is impossible of being anything other than divine Consciousness reflecting as Jonah’s self-conscious human awareness!

Thus, the Book of Jonah is a travelogue, not across the face of the earth as the story line would have one believe. Rather, it is an allegorical depiction of the conscious journey Jonah undertook as he advanced into and across the mental dimensions of his own developing and expanding self-conscious awareness!

The Book of Jonah opens with this remarkable statement:

“Now the word of the Lord came unto Jonah, the son of Amittai, saying,”

At what point or place was the contact between God and Jonah made, if not within Jonah’s own self-conscious awareness? What uttered the “word of the Lord?” From whence did it come? Where was the “word of the Lord” being heard? Could it be at any point or place other than within Jonah’s self-conscious awareness? Had such contact between God and Jonah occurred outside of Jonah’s self-conscious awareness, Jonah would have remained unconscious of that which God was saying! Why ? For the simple yet profound fact that man experiences only that which transpires, exclusively, within his own self-conscious awareness.

The phrase, “came unto Jonah,” describes the birth of an ‘idea’ as it matriculates, or emerges, from out of that unconscious darkness called the “Unknown” [See: S&H 596:1] to dawn and enlighten, brighten and expand Jonah’s self-conscious awareness as it became ‘known’ and understood.

The Book reads as though there was a talking god that existed somewhere outside, detached and separated from Jonah that occasionally, and quite unexpectedly, spoke to him from afar. No such discourse ever transpired. No talking god then existed to talk to Jonah, or to talk to anyone, or to talk at all! To wait patiently for such a god to begin speaking from a point or place ‘outside’ of one’s own self-conscious awareness, is an archaic religious practice that leads only to frustration, deferred hope, and utter disappointment. A predisposition to listen patiently for such a god to speak from somewhere outside of one’s own self-conscious awareness constitutes an exercise in futility.

The destiny of every human is to experience a complete healing of every vestige of scholastic theological beliefs, dogmas and creeds which depict Self-Conscious Being/being other than his/her own, immediate, intelligent, self-conscious awareness! Consequently, humanity’s most immanently important healing is to undergo a complete divestiture of all erroneous belief in the fictitious and mythological god currently being espoused and propounded by orthodox, scholastic theology! To believe that god is other than one’s immediate self-conscious awareness, does not draw one closer, rather, does it push one farther away from actually experiencing God, divine Mind/minding Itself, man and the Universe!

Christian Science is destined to heal humanity of every “doctrine and time honored system” [S&H vii:14], that subscribes to or advocates the belief that man exists separate and detached from God! To persist believing in such erroneous beliefs is to insist that billions of minds exist outside of and apart from God, the one and only omniscient Mind. Such an erroneous miscalculation merely serves to further complicate and entangle human thought with the delusional fantasy that it can give itself over to either the contemplation of, or a fervent belief in a non-existent god from which it fancies itself as being extremely distanced and detached! Mind’s omnipresence renders this mistaken belief an utter impossibility!

Being/becoming is inclusive of God, Man, and the Universe. This sacred and holy truth is revealed in Christian Science in the following:


The consciousness which is reading/listening to this Discourse IS THE ONLY GOD THAT EVER HAS BEEN, IS NOW, OR EVER SHALL BE! -- “the same yesterday, and to-day, and forever.” [Heb. 13:8]. Mysticism, with its superstition, and scholastic theology with its intellectualism, would attempt to engage man in an endless mental quest, forever searching to find God somewhere outside of the Consciousness of which each and every seeker is, already, an individualized self-conscious manifestation! There is absolutely no God to be found either anywhere or in any realm apart from the Consciousness of which every individual is immediately and self-consciously aware!

The most important healing anyone can ever have is to be healed of a belief in God! To believe that God is other than one’s immediate self-conscious awareness does not draw one closer, rather, it pushes one farther away from actually experiencing God, divine Mind.

Thus, a man’s quest to find God continues in vain - its every step leading him farther away from the actual discovery that God, Mind, constitutes the one, indivisible Self-conscious Being/being the self-conscious human! As strikingly simple as it is profound is the Scriptural command:

“Be still, and know that I am God.” [Ps. 46:10].

When understood in Christian Science, the seven mental impediments that Jonah encountered were not exclusively incidental to Jonah. Indeed, they are the identical seven mental obstructions that all individuals must eventually face and overcome. Christian Science enables such redemptive recognizance to occur - and the process Christian Science employs to accomplish this is, ‘spiritual translation.’ Unless and until ‘spiritual translation’ occurs, it is impossible to discover and experience the Self-Conscious Divine Being/being the self-conscious human.

Spiritually translated, the Book of Jonah discloses seven mental plateaus that Jonah encountered while making his way, circuitously, to Nineveh. On each mental plateau Jonah confronted one of the suppositions opposites, or inversions, of the seven-fold elements which comprise the Nature, Essence and Wholeness of Deity; namely, Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love.

The seven mental inversions are obstructional impediments that, if left spiritually untranslated, would have prevented Jonah of attaining success on his divinely ordained mission - a journey that led, not to Nineveh, as the story indicates, but rather, to Self-conscious Being/being satisfied and fulfilled as a self-conscious and contented Jonah! The universal law of containment discloses One Self-Consciousness that includes all consciousness perfectly pacified, content and perpetually preserved.

Should any one, or any combination of the seven erroneous inversions remain ‘sealed’ by escaping its spiritual translation in Christian Science, the “sign of the prophet Jonas” which Christ Jesus prophesied, will remain hidden. To remedy this, Science reveals:

“The testimony of the corporeal senses cannot inform us what is real and what is delusive, but the revelations of Christian Science UNLOCK the treasures of Truth.” [S&H 70:2-5].

“Truth has furnished the key to the kingdom, and with this key Christian Science has opened the door of the human understanding. None may pick the lock nor enter by some other door.” [S&H 99:9-12].

Describing further the reopening of that which was sealed, Science reveals:

“Through discernment of the spiritual opposite of materiality, even the way through Christ, Truth, man will reopen with the key of divine Science the gates of Paradise which human beliefs have closed.” [S&H 171:4-7].


The Book of Jonah, when read through the lens of material sense, depicts a legend about a man named Jonah and the perilous and circuitous route he took to a distant city to warn its wicked, heathen inhabitants of their city’s impending destruction. The story line is so attention grabbing that, literally interpreted, it conceals “the sign” locked securely within the Book.

When read through the lens of spiritual sense, an entirely different scenario unfolds. It discloses the Jonah story as being a prototype example of the dilemma which transpires within every individual’s consciousness when material sense goes untranslated and spiritual sense is allowed to remain inactive.

We can trace the Book’s deeper, spiritual implications by charting the course upon which consciousness is drawn as it progresses on its journey from sense to Soul. Science declares:

“The “still small voice” of scientific thought reaches over continent and ocean to the globe’s remotest bound. The inaudible voice of Truth is, to the human mind, “as when a lion roareth.” It is heard in the desert and in dark places of fear. It arouses the “seven thunders” of evil, and stirs their secret tones. Then is the power of Truth demonstrated - made manifest in the destruction of error.” [S&H 559:8-16].

Jonah’s journey is the story of every man’s conscious journey from material to spiritual sense. It is not as it appears literally; namely, a legend of one man’s journey across the face of the then known earth vis-a-vis the belly of a great fish.

Rather, spiritual sense interprets it to be a depiction of every individual’s conscious journey wherein the transition is made from material sense beliefs to the attainment of spiritual understanding which is the hallmark of spiritual sense. This is the only way by which the one and only God is Self-discovered and Self-realized.


The Book of Jonah is not about a man of the world! Rather, it is about the consciousness of the man. Therefore, as a map to chart our way, we can follow the course outlined in the first Chapter of Genesis. In the Book of Genesis the Only Uncreated unfolds the Creation Story to reveal the effect of Cause - the man of God - the idea of Mind. Furthermore, it illustrates brilliantly how effect functions and responds to Cause; in an word, reflects!

The seven days depicted in Chapter One of Genesis correspond precisely to the order of the seven synonyms found on page 465 of the textbook - this order being: MIND, SPIRIT, SOUL, PRINCIPLE, LIFE, TRUTH, LOVE.

To examine what transpires within each of the seven days will disclose precisely how consciousness functions and expands as it progresses on its journey from material to spiritual sense. Movement of this type and nature most honestly and accurately identifies the real Christian Science movement.



The real Christian Science movement is not the mutilated machination of material organization as it currently is being misconceived. Rather, the genuine Christian Science movement is the move of Christ, Truth within individual human consciousness as seen evidenced by the retirement of material sense and the activation, cultivation and full-time utilization of that rarefied spiritual discernment which is the hallmark of spiritual sense!

Let’s join Jonah on his conscious journey, remembering as we move along that Jonah’s journey was a conscious journey, and from that path we shall not wander. Before embarking, let’s consider what Mary Baker Eddy had to impart as she has already completed the course which yet lies before us:

“Beloved students, you have entered the path. Press patiently on; God is good, and good is the reward of all who diligently seek God. Your growth will be rapid, if you love good supremely, and understand and obey the Way-shower, who, going before you, has scaled the steep ascent of Christian Science, stands upon the mount of holiness, the dwelling-place of our God, and bathes in the baptismal font of eternal Love.

As you journey, and betimes sigh for rest “beside the still waters,” ponder this lesson of love. Learn its purpose; and in hope and faith, where heart meets heart reciprocally blest, drink with me the living waters of the spirit of my life-purpose, - to impress humanity with the genuine recognition of practical, operative Christian Science.” [Misc. 206:24-6].


Before exploring the Book of Jonah, we would be greatly benefited by first cultivating an understanding of two important factors which have crucial bearing on what the Book of Jonah includes and is intended to impart. The first concerns Jonah’s concept of God. The second concerns Jonah’s concept of creation.

What did the Israelites of Jonah’s day believe about creation?

Was creation believed to have been an act that had transpired in a single instant? - which was a prevalent belief throughout the Orient at that time!


Was creation a gradual process that was transpiring over a period of time, and if so, was it still in the process of taking place when Jonah lived?

To understand the Book of Jonah it is imperative to come to grips with these two preliminary concepts. To neglect to do so would prevent the discovery of “the sign.”

For the sake of brevity let it be understood that the archetypal belief that all of creation transpired in a single moment was and is Oriental in origin. It constitutes the foundation of today’s commonly accepted hypothesis in the “big bang theory.” When traced, its root is found leading directly into the heart of one of the world’s oldest scriptures - the Vedas of India, where we read:

“Of all forms, that which most pleases the Divine Being is Man, as nearest approaching His own perfections. When a man, absolutely disengaging himself from his senses, absorbs himself in self-contemplation, he comes to discern the Divinity, and becomes part of Him.” [Baga Vedas, Vol. 4, p. 332].

The important word in the above is “absorb,” as all Oriental religious and philosophical teachings advance the idea that man’s individual identity is eventually lost through a process of being absorbed into an ‘over-soul’ that the Vedas call “nirvana.”

The fragment which commences the Book of Genesis, consisting of Chapter One, and the first three verses of Chapter Two, assigns the creation of the Universe to Elohim, the plural Divinity which declared: “Let US make man in OUR image after OUR likeness.” [Gen. 1:26].

Christian Scientists are more inclined to interpret the “us” and “our” as depicting the seven-fold elements, or constiutent features, which constitute the one absolute Deity. This certainly is an advanced and an improved interpretation, however, it still sees man as being the product of a creation. This is an utter impossibility if what Science reveals is true!


Material sense says that man cannot conceive of an effect minus a cause. Material sense believes that how far soever we run back along the chain of effects, it cannot be infinite; but we must come at last to something which is not an effect, but the First Cause: and yet, Science refutes that belief! Material sense refuses to grasp the idea, indeed, is incapable of grasping the idea of Self-existence, of existence without a beginning!

Yet, Science reveals Being a construct of coexistent and coeternal Cause and effect - a never created, but always existing effect -- a never beginning, thus never ending effect. To bear witness to one beginningless and endless Being, we must acknowledge NOW the foreverness of Cause/effect.

Since the revelation of Science in 1866, the age-old mistaken calculation could no longer be indulged; namely, that Cause is eternal and that Its effect, or creation, is a finite construct that came into existence through a process called, ‘creation.’

The religious monotheism of the Israelites revealed to the world the First Cause, but only the First. Israel, as stated previously, was still plagued with a polluted monotheism. As stated before, the Decalogue begins by stating:

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” [Exodus 20:3].

This command did not deny the existence of ‘other gods,’ it merely illustrated the jealousy of the Lord who reminded the Israelites that it was He who had brought them:

“out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.” [Exodus 20:2].

The “Lord God” demanded priority in the affections of the Israelites. He did not demand the extermination of the “other gods,” but He merely demanded to occupy the position of primary importance, “before” that of any of the other deities.

It was this jealous “Lord God” who is depicted as speaking to Jonah and commissioning him to undertake the journey to Nineveh. This “Lord God” is the deity of Genesis 2, beginning with verse 4. This “Lord God,” or Jehovah, is not the Deity, Elohim, of Genesis, Chapter One, inclusive of the first three verses of Chapter Two!

With the perspectives now focused in regard to what the Israelites of Jonah’s day thought about the progressive nature of the creation process, and the inferior deity who vied with other deities for a primary position in the Israelite’s affections, we will now focus upon the Book of Genesis, Chapter One, and see what it has to reveal when examined through the lens of spiritual sense.


The First Day of creation is a period of initiating. It is the start of a process the Scriptures identify as: “creation.” The day dawns upon an invisible void, and out of the Only Uncreated there emanate three distinct identities; namely,

“heaven”-----------------------(Father)------------------------"Our Father which art in heaven.”

“earth”--------------------------(Mother)-----------------------“mother earth”

“light” --------------------------(Son)---------------------------“I am the light of the world.”

Were these creations? Or, are they eternal identities which, upon entry into conscious awareness, departed the darkness of the unknown which had only concealed them from view?

Upon leaving the darkness and entering into the ever-expanding radius of the light, did their appearance constitute new effects, the existence of which man attributed to an activity he identified as creation, but for which he has absolutely no empirical evidence or proof of it ever having actually taken place?

Creation is a subject far too fascinating and too all-absorbing to be fairly dealt with through the mere cursory overview this Discourse can provide. However, to help provide a frame of reference for our examination of the seven-staged account of creation presented at the beginning of the Book of Genesis, a few of the more relevant and frequently asked questions that have been posed throughout the ages concerning creation will now be recited. These questions merely touch upon the enigmatical subject of creation. They are posed to merely hint the breadth, depth and perpetuity of man’s inquisitive probing of this inexhaustible subject.

It is impossible for man to relinquish his inquisitive investigation into the origin or genesis of existence. However, it is not impossible for man to attain an understanding that existence is beginningless - neither the result nor the evidence of there having been a creation! Christian Science is this understanding!


The belief in either an event or a process called creation gives rise to two dimensions that would be indefinable or unknowable if not preceded by the belief in creation. Christian Science reveals that the sense of ‘time,’ as well as that of ‘space,’ arise from the belief of there having been a creation that transpired sometime in the remote and distant dimension called the past.

Since mortals are unable to see all things at once, they see them as a succession and as an extension of experiences. This succession of finite experience gives rise to the sense of time; that of extension to space!

To infinite Mind, eternally embracing all things in one and in every instant of Consciousness, there is no possibility of the human sense of either time or space! In the Kingdom of God the only time is NOW and the only place is HERE. Both here and now are dimensions of Consciousness, and are therefore, entirely and purely subjective.

Consequently, why would or how could the Infinite use a series of finite periods, called ‘days of creation’ to impart the nature, essence, or wholeness of Itself? Creation is the memory moment when effect misidentifies itself as being a matter construct and then proceeds to record its imaginary history.

Cause/effect - The Only Uncreated - is historyless. By exploding the myth of creation, Christian Science reveals ‘effect’ to be coexistent and coeternal with the Cause from which it emanates and of which it is fabricated, and to which it re-flects (throws back) idea: “the immediate object of understanding.” [Webster].

Inasmuch as the finite can neither contain nor explain the Infinite, what recourse is there for the Christian Scientist other than to realize that the seven days comprising the creation story impart information about that manifest aspect of Being/being identified as effect?

Material sense testifies to the coming and going of everything constituting existence, -- save Cause! The creation story in Genesis would plunge the indefinable Infinite into the definable finite and claim for effect something that, in reality, it does not have; namely, a beginning.

This question, among the earliest, occurred to man, and insisted on being answered:

“Is this Universe self-existent, or was it created? Is it eternal, or did it originate?”

And then in succession came crowding on the human mind these other questions:

“Is this Universe a mere aggregate of fortuitous combinations of matter, or is it the result and the substance of an intelligent Mind?”

“If there be such a Mind, what and where is it?”

“Does effect act upon itself, or is there a Cause beyond it that acts upon it?”

“Was the divine Mind active or quiescent before the creation; and if quiescent during a previous eternity, what in Mind’s nature moved Mind at last to create a Universe?”

“Was matter coexistent with Mind, or absolutely created by Mind out of nothing?”

“Did Mind create matter, or only mold and fashion and shape chaos already existing with Itself, into cosmos?”

Questions such as these haunted the human mind until the Comforter was revealed to humanity as Christian Science thereby providing the eternal answers and solutions to humanity’s temporal and troubling questions. Man, though ignorant of the constitution of the dust on which he treads, ventures to speculate on the nature, essence, and wholeness of Deity while by-passing the Science of Being. Man’s history has been to grab each succeeding moment to immortalize dogmatically in creeds, the subject least within the compass of his faculties; and then to hate and persecute those who will not accept his views as true.

Outside of Christian Science an understanding of Being is impossible! However, tracing the conceptions of material sense respective of God can prove note-worthy. They serve as indicators of the development of conscious awareness. Science discloses the history of religion as being the history of the human mind; and the conception formed by it of Deity is always in exact relation to its moral and spiritual attainments. The one is the index and measure of the other.

Christian Science makes it possible for conscious awareness to never engage in concessions. Hence, both the standards and the evidence of spiritual sense remain perfect and eternal. Yesterday, they were required of Jonah while today they are required equally of every conscious identity of Mind. Being is just!

The following correlations are drawn from the seven days of creation depicted in Genesis, Chapter One, and the story which unfolds within the Book of Jonah. While undertaking this conscious journey it is helpful to keep before thought what Science reveals:

“The numerals of infinity, called seven days, can never be reckoned according to the calendar of time. These days will appear as mortality disappears, and will reveal eternity, newness of Life, in which all sense of error forever disappears and thought accepts the divine infinite calculus.” S&H 520:10.


Self-conscious Awareness
The Initiator/Instigator
Spontaneous Conception
Unfathomable Producer

Creation’s First Day is one which, before ending, discloses three distinct identities consisting of: 1. the heaven; 2. the earth; 3. light. All three are Mind constructs, but through a process of differentiation, these three mutated from the invisible Nature of Mind to initiate their existence as a triad of distinct Essences - visible things, elements, or identities.

Science rightly identifies them as ideas of Mind. The “deep” upon which the darkness was, regards only one of the three identities that appear on this First Day when they emerge out of the Darkness of the Unknown into the Light of the known.

The “deep” that the “darkness was upon,” refers to that one of the three identities called, “earth.” Obviously, darkness could neither have been upon the light, nor could it have been upon the waters on which Spirit, (Mind) moved and saw its own face reflected, or bent back upon Itself. That reflection, Science identifies as Mind’s “image and likeness,” which Mind identifies as man.

Later, in Genesis, Chapter Two, the “earth” - a non-reflective surface or substance - attempted to imitate the reflective capacity of water, by sending up a ‘mist’ to water the whole face of the ground. This dampening effect did not result in endowing the earth with the capacity to reflect. Rather, it did result in the production of the ‘mud-man’ named Adam - a misty-eyed, or mystified mentality!

Comparing earth to water, only one of the two has the capacity to reflect, and that is water. Therefore, when Scripture depicts the Spirit of God moving upon the ‘face’ of the water, what face did God behold?

Science reveals that man is the eternal reflection of Mind. Therefore, in the First Day the face reflecting Mind, as seen upon the water, is the face of Mind! This ‘face,’ or reflection, Science reveals is man! At this moment - which is every moment - Mind experiences Itself as Its own reflection, or MANifestation. Thus, the scientific fact and the spiritual truth which Science reveal:

“Immortal man was and is God’s image or idea, even the infinite expression of infinite Mind, and immortal man is coexistent and coeternal with that Mind.” S&H 336:9-12.

The Book of Jonah opens with Jonah’s Consciousness (called in the Scripture, the LORD) instructing him to “go to Nineveh, that great city, and cry against it; for their wickedness is come up before me.”

Obviously, Jonah was greatly offended by what was going on in Nineveh. So offended was he, that he commenced listening not to his own Consciousness, but rather, listening to an assumptive, mythological ego, he does the diametrical opposite of what he was first instructed to do! Why?

His own unconscious resistance operating as his own mind, drew Jonah into darkness and caused him to travel in the exact opposite direction from which his Consciousness initially instructed him to go. Had Jonah obeyed Consciousness, his pathway would not have led into darkness, but always and onward unto ever intensifying Light!

He did, however, identify Tarshish as being a more desirable destination and he proceeded to head in that direction. He made his way across the earth, and then he paid the fare to enter a ship at the port of Joppa to sail to Tarshish.

His fare paid, he was enabled to “move upon the face of the waters” in an effort to execute the exact opposite of what Consciousness had instructed him to do. However, rather than ‘face’ what was transpiring upon the water, Jonah opted to go below and sleep the storm out. Hence, our need to recognize that any attempt to merely become ‘unconscious’ of error, does not constitute either its proper or its permanent handling as mandated by the Christ in Christian Science.

The decision Jonah made, to listen to other than the word of the Lord speaking as his own Consciousness, resulted in him turning his back on the light, and so, his journey began with him walking in the direction of his own resistance and disobedience, straight into the pit of hell, or darkness! However, let it be understood that the darkness he faced and into which he journeyed was merely the darkness cast by the disobedient and resistful elements still actively a part of his own ego.

Resistance and disobedience are impediments to understanding that darken thought and cast long shadows. Johah’s journey began with him turning his back on Mind and pursuing a path that, from its point of origination, had been darkened by the shadows cast by his own ego. Had he been familiar with Psalm 119, as a prophet of God should have been, he would have known before embarking:

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” [Ps. 119:105].

Jonah was dealing with other undisclosed factors which, when known, account for the direction he went, rather than not go to Nineveh as Consciousness first directed!

Remember, during Jonah’s time, the Lord of Israel was merely just that - the God of the Israelites. He lived exclusively within Israel, and when crossing the borders into other nations and lands, the Israelites believed they left their God behind in Israel and that they had entered into and were then under the jurisdiction and control of the god of the country or nation into which they had entered or through which they were journing.

It was Jonah’s guilty conscience, occasioned by not having obeyed Mind - his own Consciousness - to go to Nineveh, that prompted him “to flee unto Tarshish from the presence of the Lord!” A guilty conscience is not a good bed-fellow. Doesn’t everyone attempt to escape the penalties and repercussions of their own ignorance, mistakes and sins? Jonah wasn’t any different.

Where, we may wonder, did the idea to go to Tarshish originate, and why did it appear so attractive to Jonah that it compelled him to set Mind - his own Consciousness - aside and journey in a diametrically opposite direction? Again, as human beings, don’t we too often find ourselves doing what Paul so adeptly described two thousand years ago?:

“For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that I do. For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do.” [Rom. 7:15,19].

Of great significance here is the word: Tarshish. The Metaphysical Bible Dictionary (p. 645) records it to mean:

“gravitational force.”

This definition provides the story of Jonah and its implications today to all human beings, with very deep, spiritual meaning, when considered in light of what Science reveals:

“It is the spiritualization of thought and Christianization of daily life, in contrast with the results of the ghastly farce of material existence; it is chastity and purity, in contrast with the downward tendencies and earthward gravitation of sensualism and impurity, which really attest the divine origin and operation of Christian Science.” [S&H 272:19-25].

Tarshish was a city located in what we know today as southern Spain where tin and other metals were mined. In Jonah’s day, tin was one of earth’s most durable and desirable metals. Well might we ask, “Was it sensualism and impurity, acting as crude alloys or dross within Jonah’s ego, that pulled on Jonah, like a “gravitational force,” attracting him away from his Mind Mission and onto an opposite course?”

Regrettably, today it isn’t tin that lures humanity away from God, but gold! The metal has changed, but the devastating result of investing a metal with value remains to this day, man’s first love and the root of all evil and woe. The universal untranslated belief that substance and value either reside or are inherent in matter, continues to this hour as the strongest adverse and negative influence that operates upon the Consciousness of humanity to draw its affections and aspirations in an earthward direction! Filthy lucre remains Lucifer’s most successful lure!


The Gatherer
The Separator
The Diversifier
The Individualizer
The Non-amalgamator

The Second Day of creation records the process of division and gathering. A firmament appeared in the midst of the waters and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament. To do this, Spirit positioned Itself as “firmament” directly between the upper and lower waters. In each instance, water represents the potential of energy when properly channeled.

The firmament of day two is Spirit, the Gatherer, which separates, diversifies, and individualizes all of Mind’s ideas. This prevents, yea, forbids Mind’s ideas from being mixed or fused either together with each other or fabricated of any substance other than Spirit. Spirit clothes Mind’s ideas with Its own substance. Spirit forbids whatever would either externally act to pollute or contaminate any idea of Mind, or to act upon it internally as a corrosive influence.

Spirit, in fulfillment of its nature, operates through the principle of differentiation, and insodoing, confers upon every one of Mind’s ideas their distinctness, disallowing any idea to blend into or to bleed with any other idea, or to absorb back into Mind. Thus, Science reveals:

“Spirit, God, gathers unformed thoughts into their proper channels, and unfolds these thoughts, even as He opens the petals of a holy purpose in order that the purpose may appear.” [S&H 506:18].

Those ideas ‘above’ the firmament are the ideas of Mind already operating within man’s conscious awareness and understanding.

Those ideas ‘below’ the firmament are ‘sub-conscious’ or latent - neither having dawned upon nor focused within man’s immediate conscious awareness. There, in this vast, unfathomable 'unknown', these identities await their discovery, at which moment they are overtaken by the ever-expanding radius of light and they appear as a ‘new’ person, place, or thing upon and within the thought-scape of an individual’s conscious awareness.

Jonah no sooner had embarked from the seaport of Joppa on his sea journey to Tarshish, when his Consciousness, functioning as Spirit, divided (separated) him from the rest of the mariners. He had “gone down into the sides of the ship; and he lay, and was fast asleep.” [Jonah 1:5].

Having turned his back on the one Mind - his own! - Jonah had only mortal mind to listen to as he planned and executed his escape from God. Mortal mind, passing itself off as Jonah, thought, “To heck with this bad storm, I’ll go below and sleep this one out!” Mortal mind knows only two kinds of music, 1. lullabies, and, 2. funeral durges.

While at sea a terrible wind occurred that threatened the safety of the ship (ship representing everything within Jonah’s immediate awareness from which he was drawing support), yet Jonah slept on.

The textbook defines “wind” in part as, “mortal passions.” [S&H 597:29]. The heathen and non-Israelite mariners were afraid, yet they prayed! They prayed, “every man unto his god.” All the while, Jonah, the Israelite, slept on.

Was Jonah a procrastinator?

Did he hope to postpone a confrontation with the sensuality and impurities that contaminated his mentality? Did he hope to miss or avoid these “mortal passions” or wind, by escaping into unconsciousness and sleeping through the storm? Isn’t sleep in this story the ultimate anesthetic? Is it any different than what happened to Adam when he fell into a deep sleep?

The mariners, however, would not allow Jonah to continue sleeping. The shipmaster and others barraged Jonah with questions asking him why the storm had come upon them? Jonah’s guilty conscience knew full well that it was he who was being chastised for attempting to flee from the presence of God, and also that the innocent mariners didn’t deserve to suffer such a fate as death at sea!

At Jonah’s suggestion the mariners ‘divided’ themselves from Jonah by casting him into the sea, and immediately the sea ‘divided’ itself from the wind and the tempest “and ceased from her raging.” [Jonah 1:15].


The Identifier
The Beautifier
The Preserver
The Sinless

On the Third Day, the absolute Heaven of the Second Day now appears as a relative heaven. Are there two realms? Does man live in two places? Yes, on this planet he does. He either lives on the sea or on the land. These two opposite dimensions support all of the life that is on this planet. What is dry, Soul identifies as Earth. What is liquid, Soul identifies as Seas.

Soul commanded the earth to bring forth. From the earth grass was seen to grow. Also, the herb yielded seed, and the fruit tree yielded fruit. Grass, seed, fruit. Each produced after its own kind because the seed each produced was programmed, or spiritually engineered, to reproduce exactly, and replenish only a duplicate of itself, and none other. The identity of these three were organic, but not self-conscious, therefore, they did not receive the instruction of Soul regarding ‘how’ to reproduce or ‘when’ to do it.

The capacity to duplicate through exact mirror replication is integrated into the seed of each of these life-forms and this data, when fertilized by the dark, moist warmth of the nourishing ‘mother’ earth, were seen to yield and they continue to yield, each according to its own kind.

However, the capacity to reproduce was not in the seed of that which grew, nor did the reporoductive capacity stem from mother earth - the seed’s incubation chamber. The seed guarantees the exact replication of itself, and the earth initiates, cradles, and nourishes the seed as it develops.

However, the seed grows because of an invisible impulse that alone produces it throughout every and all stages of its development. It is Soul that charts the dimensions and the directions of life-development and distinguishes the rate and rapidity of all growth. It causes growth to transpire from the inside out, as can be visibly seen on a cross-cut section of a felled tree by exposing the tree’s yearly life-rings for examination. These rings form at the tree’s center, or core. They do not form upon its circumference directly below the bark. Science decrees:

“. . . the emphatic declaration that God creates all through Mind, not through matter, - that the plant grows, not because of seed or soil, but because growth is the eternal mandate of Mind.” [S&H 520:23].

At this point, Jonah thought he had left the Lord God behind when he departed his own nation where he believed the Lord God lived and reigned. We next hear Jonah praying from the belly of the fish that had swallowed him when he was cast out of the ship and into the sea.

In the midst of his most profound and threatening problem (intense darkness) the Scriptures record that Jonah felt that he had literally reached the end of his endurance and that he had, indeed, entered into “the belly of hell.” [Jonah 2:2]. While there, Jonah was able to “feel no ill, - since God is good, and loss is gain.” [Mother’s Evening Prayer, v. 3] .

Remarkably, while still in this state of total encapsulation within his problem - one he described as hell (loss), Jonah’s affliction pushed him - if for no other reason than to find relief - deeper and deeper into his own Consciousness -- his own Self/self-conscious awareness. There, he experienced nothing short of complete transformation (gain), and with the change came hope! No longer did Jonah run away FROM his own Self-conscious being, but rather, INTO his true identity with intense fervor and enlivened faith and commitment. At this point we hear Jonah saying:

“I went down to the bottoms of the mountains; the earth with her bars were all about me for ever: yet hast thou brought up my life from corruption, O Lord my God.” [Jonah 2:6] .

Here, Jonah claims the Lord to be ‘his’ God! The Lord was not just the God of Israel! The Lord was not just the God who dwelt at Jerusalem in a holy temple!

At a moment when no mercy seemed justified, Jonah found mercy. However, it derived from nothing or no one in the mythological dimension regarded as being the objective realm. It was a Self-consciously administered and Self-consciously experienced mercy:

“They that observe lying vanities forsake their own mercy.” [Jonah 2:8] .

Notice, no longer was it God’s mercy that was at stake, but rather, HIS OWN MERCY derived from the preicse place from which every blessing flows - one’s own Self/self-conscious awareness!

At the point of his deepest affliction, Jonah had found “my God” - his own true spiritual and perpetual identity which became consciously Self-realized when Jonah was at the very depths of hell. Indeed, it was his affliction that had so intensely urged Jonah to depart the world of objectivity and escape into the safety and security which are found only within his own subjective Self/self conscious awareness. At this moment his own vanities (the sensualism of resistance and the impurity of disobedience) were translated, or converted, into self-surrender and obedience

Jonah, now born again, sings:

“I will sacrifice unto thee with the voice of thanksgiving; I will pay that that I have vowed. Salvation is of the Lord!” [Jonah 2:9] .

The rebellious and disobedient ego that opted to do other than what Consciousness initially had told him to do - the ego that had cast the shadow that darkened Jonah’s path - vanished. To say it died implies it had once lived. It had never lived a life of its own but had always existed parasitically by drawing from Jonah whatever of life it appeared to possess.

Consciousness redeemed Jonah, but it did not redeem his prior mental conditions of disobedience, defiance and resistance. Those shadow foes never departed the fish’s belly with Jonah. Jonah’s new identity now reflected newly both the beauty of Soul as well as the universal tempo, or rhythm, of living and moving in accord with right activity of Mind. God would never cast aside such a finely tuned instrument!


Heaven’s Hymn of Harmony
Universal Unifier
Sole Governor
Source of all Solutions
“A Loyal Ray”
The Christ

The Fourth Day of creation produces lights in the heavens distinctly different from the light as recorded appearing in the First Day. The light of the First Day is subjective light. The lights of day four, each and all, were “to give light upon the earth.” [Gen. 1:14] . They were intended to be determinators for the seasons, the days, and the years, and were therefore indicators of the orderly government of the Universe, wherein every Mind-identity experiences harmony from a universal equilibrium which is perpetually maintained due to the preponderance of Mind and Love interacting with each other while balanced upon the pinnacle of Principle.

One light, identified as being the “greater,” was to rule - to preside by illumination - during the Day. The “lesser” light was to rule - preside by illumination - during the Night. The stars preside always, though not seen with the naked eye during the time the greater light is in view.

Principle, the highest name for God, cannot be known directly by individual conscious awareness, for it contains and imparts, omni-directionally and omni-dimensionally, the blazing intensity of all the seven elements of Deity. Mind, Spirit, Soul, Life, Truth, Love, combine as divine Principle - the greater light - and “there shall be no night there.” [Rev. 22:5] .

Science reveals:

“When understood, Principle is found to be the only term that fully conveys the ideas of God.” [No. 20:11-12] .

The “lesser light” refers to “idea”:

“Principle and its idea is one.” [S&H 465:17] .

With this statement, the Nature - All-Cause (Principle), and the Essence - All-Effect (idea) - is ONE and this Wholeness, ONE BEING! [See: S&H 465:17-1] .

Jonah is now ready to trade in the concept he entertained of himself in exchange for the idea Principle communicates:

“So Jonah arose, and went unto Nineveh, according to the word of the Lord.” [Jonah 3:3] .

“So Jonah arose,” is descriptive of the process one undergoes in Consciousness upon awakening to Self-realized identity. It is ascension all the way from the moment of awakening!

Upon reaching the edge of the city of Nineveh, Jonah began crying, “Yet forty days and Nineveh shall be overthrown.” [Jonah 3:4] . Everyone within Jonah’s conscious awareness heard him as he cried, because Principle excludes not a single idea. So, “the people of Nineveh believed God, and proclaimed a fast, and put on sackcloth, from the greatest of them even unto the least of them.” Principle covers the whole ground, always and completely.

What began in Jonah’s Consciousness as one individual consciously turning from his own evil ways of disobedience and resistance to God, is now seen taking place within the conscious awareness of everyone, including the King, his nobles, every man, beast, herd, and flock! Every citizen of Nineveh was under the King’s decree, which demanded, “Let them turn every one from his evil way and from the violence that is in their hands.” [Jonah 3:8]

His conscious awareness “repented of the evil that he said he would do unto them; and he did it not.” Repentance preserved Nineveh. Jonah’s warnings were not the cause of the improvement as his own personal sense of ego would have liked him to believe. Jonah’s God - his own Consciousness - saved those he set out to warn - those he regarded as heathen!

At last, Jonah had discovered God was infinitely bigger than Israel could contain. He discovered in his own withinness the all-pervading and all-prevailing divine Principle that blesses all and injures none!


Indestructible Individuality

The Fifth Day discloses Life filling the Seas and the skies with infinite varieties of Itself. Whatever within the Seas that lives, is being lived by the one Life! - from plankton to whales!

Foul flew above the earth, of every type and description. These were the products of the Fifth Day when Life Self-expressed in an animated profusion of indescribability!

These were the first identities to receive God’s blessing!

The divine method of their replenishing is described as “multiply,” not ‘divide.’ At this present time, human procreation is believed to be accomplished through cellular division. This mistaken concept is ripe for spiritual translation and the divine Idea is ready to break in upon human conscious awareness everywhere throughout the earth!

Science is declaring:

“Another change will come as to the nature and origin of man, and this revelation will destroy the dream of existence, reinstate reality, usher in Science and the glorious fact of creation, that both man and woman proceed from God and are His eternal children, belonging to no lesser parent.” [S&H 529:6] .

Jonah could not deal with Nineveh being saved through God’s Grace rather than by the virtue of its inhabitants personal goodness and upgraded behavior which he believed resulted from the grave warnings he had given. Life knows only how to multiply, it knows nothing of division. Therefore, Life can only give, it never takes away! Life never reduces one to less than whole. We hear this truth spoken by Jonah when he said:

“. . .for ‘ knew that thou art a gracious God, and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repentest thee of the evil.” [Jonah 4:2] .

Consequently, even the prayers of the heathen reached the throne of Grace, for Life lives all and is never Self-destructive against one element or expression of Itself at the risk of rendering the remainder of Itself less than eternal, infinite, whole, All-in-all.

Jonah’s anger and pride had not died with his resistance to God and his disobedience. He had retained a personal sense of pride, which when pricked, resulted in anger! Consequently, after the forty days he prophesied that which were to lead to Nineveh’s downfall had come and gone, and Nineveh remained unscathed. Jonah’s pride was so damaged that he wanted to die! He wanted to become unconscious of what he had just seen transpire. Also, he wanted to remain unconscious of the enormously expanded idea of God than what he had known before. Johah just wanted to cease being conscious!

Had he not gotten all of the sleep out of his eyes?


Perpetual Unchanging Standard
Universal Change Agent
Manly Dominion
Cause of Change
Divine Director
Divine Ideal

The Sixth Day is a day of climax to the creation story. Man appears after divine Consciousness, the “utter” Being, consulted with Itself - Its entire Seven-fold nature that formed and fabricated all of existence, as seen through the ‘frame’ Being placed around all that was made, and called: MAN! Thus, the masterpiece of creation was finally ensconsed within the Man-frame - “the compound idea that includes all right ideas.”

MAN, the ‘image and likeness’ of Itself that It first discovered as It “moved upon the face of the waters,” is now fully explained and entirely understood. It took six progressive stages of activity to fully describe this ‘face’ that Spirit first saw reflected upon the water.

Jonah believed that his own personal sense of God, or his own Self-consciousness would retire from the city he had sentenced to doom, and, from a standpoint outside the city limits, sit and watch as it fell into destruction. He had already grown to know his own Consciousness as adequate to saving himself, but he did not confer that same redemptive Grace to the inhabitants of Nineveh, who were, after all, not Israelites! Yet, he failed to recognize they were all ONE CONSCIOUSNESS and that in every individual the name of that ONE CONSCIOUSNESS is “I AM.”

Jonah did all within his might (his personal sense of manliness) to resist the fact that One Consciousness is the savior of everyone, everywhere, not just the nation and people of Israel. A personal sense of merit may, at one moment, be to us as a gourd to shade our head (darken our memories of the past) and at other times a personal sense of merit or good can appear as a worm that delivers to us great grief, stress, and the indescribable heat of humiliating exposure.

Jonah is again found learning that no sheltering shade exists for anyone in the realm of the oppressive objective. The “cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night,” are to the objectivist, unrealities! They are nowhere to be found ‘out there!’

However, to the subjectivist, the vivid, actual realities of the fire and the cloud are forever present. They exist a presence that goes before him on his pathway, leading him away from the oppressive and obnoxious realm of the objective into the sanctity, salvation and security found exclusively in the Kingdom within - a pure, spiritual, subjective state of Consciousness that states:

“I am All. A knowledge of aught beside Myself is impossible.” [Un. 18:25]

Had the Consciousness of Adam known this, there would never have been an Eve!


Adorable One
Absolute Totality

The Seventh Day is one when the “one absolute God” had concluded the exploration of Itself, and having discovered all that It is, does, and includes, rested in absolute contentment of the All of Its All-in-allness! The infinite Mind had undertaken and successfully completed the fathoming of what, to individual human conscious identity, will and must forever remain, unfathomable! This fact alone is the one responsible for Life being eternal. It requires eternity to even participate in the exploration of Being!

Love makes Itself universally available instantly to every one of Its ideas, leaving not one outside or excluded access to universal redemption being an act of Grace, not an earned product for which man’s highest aspirations and deepest yearnings ‘earned’ for him.

The impartiality and impersonality of Love, spoke finally to Jonah, as his own Consciousness, and brought him to the highest sense of himself that he experienced anywhere along on the entire journey he set out to accomplish. He was healed of criticism and Love is what liberated him of this heinous habit. Love can be heard speaking, as if to say to Jonah, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

Here is what Consciousness, speaking as Love, in fact and indeed did declare:

“And should not I spare Nineveh, that great city, wherein are more than sixscore thousand persons that cannot discern between their right hand and their left hand; and also much cattle?” [Jonah 4:11] .

Here is the “sign of the prophet Jonas.” This sign is nothing other than the discovery made by individual identity as it first recognizes, then acknowledges, and lastly understands its own Self/self-conscious being to be an individualization of the Self-conscious Being, or Mind, the Mind which is God!

Upon this discovery - made possible exclusively through spiritual sense discernment - the Christian Scientist ceases to think and identify himself thusly:

. . .Man is an individual expression of God.

And he begins to think and express:

. . .Man is God individually expressed!

The former statement, although sounding perfectly accurate and metaphysically correct, is entirely incorrect! It is the foundation of all dualistic thinking and acting. The word, ‘of’ separates God and man and insodoing perpetuates the dream of existing apart from God and further extends the nightmares that live within that dream.

There is no separation of God and man in the latter statement, and therefore, it is the only foundation, or Rock, upon which the correct and successful application of Christian Science can be made and the incontrovertible demonstration of its divine Principle unequivocally established.

Also, herein lies “the sign’s” imperative significance to everyone associated with the movement of Christian Science. The words, ‘hand’ and ‘manual’ come from the same Latin root: manualis. Today, the Christian Science movement appears to be suffering severe deterioration and decay, all the while, opposing factions spat and squabble amongst themselves in a self-righteous and pretensive warfare. One side pitting itself against another side. At the core of this debate are these questions:


As contrasted to:


The tragedy of the entire dispute being this:

“And should not I (Consciousness)

spare the Cause of Christian Science,

that great movement, wherein are more than sixscore thousand persons
(currently estimated world-wide membership)

that cannot discern (no spiritual discernment)

between the right interpretation (right hand)

and the wrong interpretation (left hand)
of the Church Manual;

and also much cattle (those entirely disinterested in doing any thinking at all along these crucial and critical lines of honest investigation),

as the intensity of this hour so desperately demands?” [Last verse of Chapter Four of Jonah] .

LET IT BE THOROUGHLY UNDERSTOOD: The incorrect interpretation of the Church Manual cannot harm the movement! What can harm it is the combined non-thought expressed in Jonah as “CATTLE” - those just willing to stand around in the Field and be fed!

For as long as every individual Christian Scientist continues to graze in the Field of self-executed and self-instituted ignorance, which he/she is tragically interpreting as being, “bliss,” the Christian Science movement will continue to decline in number and decrease in activity! This entire situation can be spiritually translated into a latter-day Nineveh!


Every Christian Scientist can become repentant of having continued to believe that God was or is existent somewhere ‘out there’ in the objective realm, and begin at once the exhilarating journey into the unfathomableness of the Self-conscious Being which they are being! There is no God ‘out there’ to save us, to hear our prayers, or to answer them!

The God revealed in Science is the Consciousness reading this Discourse and only this Consciousness can carry and prosper the Cause. Why? Because the Cause it is carrying and prospering is ITSELF! - THE ONE AND ONLY CAUSE!

God will neither turn away from Itself nor abandon Itself. Mind has no idea of being in need of salvation. Nor would man, if he turned with all of his heart, and soul and mind, to the infinite vastness of the Self-conscious Being/being him! To do so means to cease looking for fulfillment, pleasure, contentment, and riches in or from the world - the very spot Christ Jesus opted to leave, to return to the Father. Nothing in this world could keep him from going home! Nothing in Heaven and earth, combined, can keep Christian Scientists from being Christ Science!

Yet, false values, disobedience (both conscious and unconscious), and resistance to Consciousness are destroying the Christian Science movement. We can all take a giant step forward by dropping the false responsibility we each feel for how we conduct our own Consciousness, and begin immediately to let our own Consciousness begin to direct and conduct us!

With such a decision in the right direction being taken by individuals, and eventually by all identified with the Christian Science movement, a Pentecostal glory will descend upon this mighty Cause, and like the gushing wind experienced in the “upper room” it will again remove all unlovely and ungodlike contaminants from individual conscious awareness and usher in the ascent of all individual human identities upward on the Path that leads to the successful attainment of pure, undefiled, God-realization!

David James Nolan