Sadistic Murder

A sexual sadist is someone who has established an enduring pattern of sexual arousal in response to sadistic imagery. Sexual gratification is obtained from torture involving excessive mental and physical means. The offender derives the greatest satisfaction from a victims response to torture. Sexually sadistic fantasies in which sexual acts are paired with domination, degradation and violence are translated into criminal action that results in death. There are often multiple crime scenes involved with this type of sexual homicide the place of initial encounter, the torture/death scene and or the body disposal site. The very nature of this crime, sadism expressed through torture, necessitates a secluded or solitary place for the prolonged period of time the offender spends with the victim. The captivity may be form a few hours to as long as six weeks. The offender’s residence may be used if it can provide the required seclusion. The offender’s vehicle may have been altered for use in abduction and torture disable windows and doors soundproofing and installed police accessories. Restraints are usually present at the crime scene because they are common to this homicide. Sexual bondage which is the elaborate and excessive use of binding materials unnecessarily neat and symmetrical binding or binding that enables placing the victim in a variety of positions that enhance the offender’s sexual arousal also is noted. The use of customized modes of torture may be evident especially at the scene of torture and death and include electrical appliances vise grips pliers foreign objects used for incretion and whips. Sexual arousal occurs most often with the victim’s expression of pain and is evidenced by sexual fluids of possibly defecation at the scene.


it is possible that there are implications of over kill and or depersonalization for pragmatic reasons. The offender may also tamper with the crime scene by staging secondary criminal activity to veil the primary motive of sadistic murder. The offender engages in sex with the victim prior to the victim’s death. The most prevalent sexual acts to be forced on victims are as follows anal rape forced fellatio vaginal rape and foreign object penetration. A majority of offenders force their victims to engage in all of these activities. The attack occurs before death because the primary source of pleasure for the sadistic killer is in the pain caused the victim as opposed to the actual sexual act. There is insertion of foreign objects into the vaginal and or anal cavities often combined with the act of slashing cutting or biting the breasts and buttocks. Evidence of sexual fluids will usually be found in the body orifices or around the body. If partners are involved there may be evidence by differing sexual fluids and public hairs. Offenders may also urinate on the victim.

Ligature marks are common as restraints are used frequently along with blindfolds and gags. Sexual bondage is also prevalent. The act of killing is often erotictised death comes in slow deliberate manner that is savored by the offender. But because an unconscious or dead victim does not afford the offender the gratification he seeks great care is taken not to end the victims life prematurely

Source Information--Crime Classification Manual By John E Douglas, Ann W. Burgess, Allen G. Burgess and Robert K Ressler Lexington Books 1992