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Game 4:
Game went into Over-Time
Palm Springs - 32 | Coachella Raiders - 38

Not a lot of pictures here. mostly of halftime

Game 6:
This one just seemed to go quick.
Norco3 – 7 | Coachella Raiders - 20

Game 8:
This one was fun. The kids seemed to enjoy themselves too.
Even after starting 30 minutes late, (due to a half buried block of cement on the field having to be dug up and the hole filled in) the lack of a working scoreboard/clock and, for some reason, no referees arranged, the game was a good one.
Pass 0 | Coachella 12

Ok, So I went a little nuts.

YES!! We made the first game in the Playoffs. WooHOO!
Unfortunately, the batteries died on the camera, and as I had neglected to recharge the others and bring them along, there are a limited number of pictures.
We squeaked by, one player showing up barely in time to check in to play, and despite the odds we were playing against, it was a fun game all around. We brought the kids to play, and gosh darnit, that’s exactly what they got to do.

Fontana2 25 | Coachella Raiders 0

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