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Historical Pictures of Blacksburg

"Blacksburg History........The Iron City"
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Map of proposed addition to Blacksburg (1890)

Newspaper ad and pictures of the Cherokee Inn (1889)

Home of John G. Black (1890)

Downtown Blacksburg (1916, 1935, 1965)

This map shows a proposed addition to the town that was made by the Blacksburg Land & Improvement Co. in 1890. The plan included two large manufacturing districts and a section called "The Highlands" that was to have upscale villas. There was also a proposed network of roads that wound around Whitaker Mountain and lead to the "Overlook Place" resort on the mountain top.
Photo Source: Cherokee County Library, Blacksburg File
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The Cherokee Inn was built in the late 1800's by Blacksburg resident Major John F. Jones. The inn was billed as "One of the best hotels in the state" and was constructed on the south slope of Whitaker Mountain. The inn would become the social center of the town and attracted patrons from the lowcountry of SC and from New England.
Photo Source: Old Iron District, by Bobby G. Moss

This ad for the Cherokee Inn appeared in the Yorkville Enquirer in 1889. The inn was billed as a health resort because it offered mineral waters from the several rock springs in the area.
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This is the home of John G. Black, the man that Blacksburg is named after. It was built in about 1890.
Photo Source: Friends & Neighbors Newspaper 7/17/65
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This photo shows Shelby Street in Blacksburg as it appeared in about 1916. You can see the old Iron City Pharmacy in the left corner.
Photo Source: Friends & Neighbors Newspaper 7/17/65

In this photo you can see Shelby Street as it appeared in the 1930's.
Photo Source: Friends & Neighbors Newspaper 7/17/65

This photo shows downtown Blacksburg as it appeared in 1965. The old Community Cash grocery store can be seen in the right corner.
Photo Source: Friends & Neighbors Newspaper 7/17/65

Shelby Street as it appears today.
Photo by: Nathan White
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