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Welcome, Advanced Physical Science Students!

This is Mr. Vallejo's web page for advanced physical classes at Chatsworth High School in the Los Angeles Unified High School District.  Chatsworth is located in the northeast corner of the San Fernando Valley in sunny southern California.  Downtown Los Angeles is located just 30 miles to the southeast.

Ben Vallejo is an adjunct professor of biology at Moorpark College, as well as one of the forty-nine National Board Certified Teachers in science in the state of California.  The total number of NBCTs in the state in all areas is 1309, as of January 2002.  Nationwide, there are over 16,000 NBC Teachers.  Mr. Vallejo’s area of expertise is in the area of performance-based assessment of the California state science content standards, as he has worked as a consultant for the California Department of Education on the statewide Golden State Examination.  Mr. Vallejo is also a mentor/master teacher for the Los Angeles Unified School District.


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