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Biggar Castle Biggar Castle

Biggar Castle

Taken by Myron Biggar of Pennsylvania, USA. In 1953

The Biggar Castle is also known as Woolmet House.

(Source of castle From Wurdsurf "I can now confirm that the Castle was Woolmet House, near Danderhall outside Edinburgh." 'The Castles of Scotland' 2nd Edition, by Martin Coventry, Published by Goblinshead in 1997,)
The castle stands at the ancestral seat of Woolmet, in the softly rolling hills, four miles south of Edinburgh. The family lived there for the next 300 years. It would further appear that the castle was rebuilt or enlarged or repaired at least twice since it was built in the late 12th century. Biggars occupied it until about 1950 when it was abandoned. The castle was willed into the Wallace family sometime after that and torn down in 1957 with only the gates remaining on the site. The rest of the castle stones are stacked along side of a road leading to an open pit coal mine.

This is all the stands today of Biggar Castle better known as the Archway of Woolmet House.
In 1955 the 17th century door way to Woolmet House was used to the West Ramsey lane of Outlook tower in Castlehill, Edinburgh.

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