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In The Name

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There were two groups of Scotish names Highland and Lowland. The surnames developed slowly,and it was not until the 13th century that a man ceased to be designated by his fathers name. The clan system was largely responsible for preserving the old ways of the Highlanders.

In the Lowlands,the use of surnames developed much the same as English surnames,although in a somewhat slower pace. Many Lowland names are indistinguishable from english ones. .

How the old distinguished name Biggar family got its name and what the biggar name means.

The surname Biggar appears to be occupational in origin. Our research indicates that that it can be associated with the English and Scots, meaning,"one who buys;a purchaser."Although this interpretation is the result of onomastic research , you may find other meanings for the Biggar family name. Many Surnames may have more then one origin.

During the middle ages,the infant mortality rate in scotland was high. For this reason,many Scottish families would use the same name over and over so that one family might have several children with the same name if more then one child survived.

The Family Name

Although bearers of the old and distinquished Biggar name comprise a small percentage of individuals living in the world today, there may be large number of your direct relitives who are useing one of the biggar name variations.( The World Book Of Biggars)
Biggar, Bigger,Biggars, Biggers, Bigir, Biggart,
McGivern,and newest to be added to our distinguished
name is Biggor