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The name Biggar was taken from the town Biggar,in Lanarkshire, Scotland. Our most ancient ancestor Baldwin De Flamingus, who's title he took from the land he occupied, was styled Baldwin De Biggar. This was the norm for that periode. He was granted the Sherriffdom of Lanark, and Renfrew. He was succeeded by his son Waldeve, given the sherrifdom was held by a Biggar for many generations.

Updated 2014

The Biggar Book is coming along and will hopfully be published soon.
Many of you have sent in information pictures family tree's and such. Thank you.
Sources are important. If you have sources for the information you have sent in, please forward. Sources will be listed along with your name. Yor family tree's and histories will be published in my book but in the name of the researcher.

This site is dedicated to the Biggar families . Here are some links to provide some history and genealogical help in tracing your ancestors. The purpose of the site is to add as many branches and hopefully find the puzzle peices needed to make one large family tree.

To add to this site any information regaurding the Biggar family, or to add a link to your family site please email me

All though Legally Styled Biggar some of Baldwins decsendents kept the name Fleming in honor of there homeland. It was a Fleming who married Marjory the daughter of Sir Nicholas Biggar A Knight, Granted by Edward I Of England. The Fleming's held the lands of Biggar for centuries.

But not to be disappointed for those of you who have visted Biggar Scotland, and found no Biggar's past or present. Our name derives from this little town whose history begins with one man. A man who has earned the title of distinguished who has brought a sense of pride to one name a man of great importance to the ancient history of many families. The royal bloodline from the sons of Flanders, the ancient kings of Sweden and Denmark the princes of Poland, descendants of Charlemagne and Alfred the great. The mystery itself, lays in which of our ancient ancestors carried our name down through the generations a mystery that most likely will never be solved.

Biggar families, Canada, United States, Ireland, England, Australia, New Zeland, Germany, South Africa, Scotland

Biggar, Bigger, Biggers,Biggar's, Biggart, Bigar,Biggor,Birger.

As of November 9, 2005 16,850

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