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  1.South Africa

  New Zealand


  Ireland 1

  Ireland 2

  Ireland 3

  Ireland 4

  Ireland 5

  6.David Bigger






  12.James Biggar


  • Alexander Harvey Biggar IRE - SA.
  • NZ - 6 Generations. *updated*
  • AUS - James Biggar and Elizabeth Turnbull
  • 1. Matthew Bigger(t)& Martha Moore.
  • 2. James Biggar & Martha Fleming
  • 3. James Biggar & Rebecca Parker.
  • 4. William Bigger & Sarah Julian
  • 5. Joseph Bigger & Ann
  • 6. David Bigger & Cordella Hurst
  • 7.James Biggar & Margaret Miller Ayr, Scotland - USA
  • 8.Scotland - Quebec, Canada, U.S
  • 9.James W Bigger & Mary Sweazea
  • 10.Robert Biggar & Amelia Lauder-SCT-ONT
  • 11.Herbert Biggar Decsendants of Scotland
  • 12. Decsendants of James Biggar and Mary Lindsey Kirkudbrightshire, Scotland. Decsendants Ont, Canada

  • Seeking Genealogists family members and any persons who can contribute there time in helping correct and add additional information to any of our Biggar Family Trees.
    Please email Tammy
    Updated Feruary 18, 2009

    Major John Biggar Scotland. Is line belonging to Biggar Castle or Woolmet House. This Page will be updated soon According to Wills I recently bought many mistkes need be corrected.

    South Africa Alexander Harvey Biggar. Many Articles for Alexander Biggar Can Be found on line.
    Herbert Biggar Other sourses for this line are Jonathon William Biggar who provided alot of history and notes.

    To add to this site any information regaurding the Biggar family, or to add a link to your family site please email me

    Decsendants of Herbert Biggar 10 Generations. James A. Biggar also has a site decicated to this line. And the source for The first & second generation of Herbert Biggar Found in my genealogy report. His site was a big help. Thanks James <--- Please copy and past.

    Sources . The Sources for the Family Tree files- Are the Lds, Opr Records for scotland,and Ireland. Wills, Memorial Inscriptions and Burial Records, census records, court records,SSDI, and Vital Records. History records found on other sites and sent in by members of the Biggar Families.

    Some of these sites are posted within the family Genealogy report.

    Any new information or corrections for these files, for any of the family files on this site are very much appriciated.

    Other Lines I am Researching are.

  • John Biggar and Jean Walker
  • Matthew Biggarand Katherine Mcarthur
  • Andrew Biggar Margaret Miller
  • John Biggarand Helen Donaldson
  • William Biggar and Marion pettigrew
  • Thomas Biggar and Margaret Willet
  • James Biggar and Mary Lindsey
  • Ontario - James Biggar and Christina Edgar
  • William Biggarand Mary Laruie
  • James Biggar and Agnes Sinclair
  • Bernard Biggar and Janet Dick
  • William Biggar and Martha Woodward (Virginia)
  • James Biggar and Mehitable Sharp (ONT)
    and more
  • James Biggar and Margaret Lennox
  • Joseph W Bigger and Francis Akers
  • Thomas Biggar and Margaret Dunlop
  • Robert Biggar and Elizabeth Stevenson
  • Daniel Bigger and Margaret Burns.
  • Thomas B Bigger and Elizabeth Meredith Russell
  • John Biggar and Nancy Wilson (ONT)
  • James Bigger Elizabeth Spooner
  • Richard W Biggar Mary Ann Stubbs (ONT)
  • John Biggar Anna Maria Hassler
  • John Biggar of Maryland
  • James Bigger and Lucinda Malone
  • George Biggar and Jane Gilroy
  • Pleasant Hart Biggar
    and many more.
    For more question email at Tammy

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