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Biggar Family







Biggar Family Book

I will be publishing a book within the next year or two. The book will have history on The Coat of arms, Biggar Castle (Woolmet House) Our name, ancient ancestry from the Folkunga Dynasty And King William “The conquer” Also many lines of Biggar (and variations) family Tree's that I have been researching. Some lines I have posted on my site with new information added to these lines by members of our family. Anyone interested in adding there family tree or and history pictures ext. Please send in what you would like published in the book or on the site. The more information the closer we come to joining each branch into one big tree.

Family Trees I Am researching

  • Herbert Biggar - lines include from 1600 AD Scotland to
  • New York
  • Quebec
  • Ontario, Canada. - Robert Bigger & Mary Lauder

  • James Biggar & Rebecca Parker - Ireland to US
  • - William Bigger & Mary Finlay -Ireland to USA
  • - Joseph Bigger & Ann -Ireland to USA

  • Major John Biggar Scotland from 1600 AD

  • John Biggar & Mary Rogerson -Prince Edward Island, Canada(Scottish Origin)

  • Walter Biggar & Hannah Hayter - New Brunswick, Canada (Scottish Origin)

  • James Biggar & Martha Fleming -Ireland, United States & Ontario, Canada.

  • Matthew Biggar & Martha Moore - Ireland to USA

  • Pleasant Hart Biggar

  • James W Biggar - Texas

  • William Biggar (1650)Scotland to Virginia

  • David Biggar Cordelia Hurst – Ontario, Canada –Michigan, USA ( Irish Origin) { If any one can be of help with this line please contact myself or Richard Miller At}

  • Thomas Biggers Margaret Willet Scotland - Canada

  • Alexander Harvey Biggar - South Africa

  • New Zealand
  • Australia Two lines (one Irish one Scottish origin)

  • Abram F Biggers & Sarah Matilda Lynch Robards - Virginia or South Carolina

  • William Bigger - Ireland to Virginia

  • John Biggar Born England. To Maryland, USA

  • John Biggar & Mary Wilson Ohio

  • Charles Biggar ( born New York) & Camelia Coltman. Ont, Can

  • Andrew Biggar & Margaret Kennedy. Scotland, to Ontario, Canada

  • William Biggar & Mary Blaik. Scotland, to Ontario
  • Richard Biggar & Mary A Stubbs. Irish Origin

  • John Biggar & Nancy Wilson. Ireland to Ontario

  • Matthew Biggar & Katherine McArthur

  • Thomas Biggar & Helen Lauder

  • Bernard Biggar & Janet Dick

  • John Biggar & Jean Walker

    There are many more lines I am researching as well. That haven’t yet fit into a larger file.

    Looking for dedicated researchers to Co- Author family Tree's, And History. Anyone who is interested please email me.
    I am interested in a line from Germany.

    CONTACT  Tammy