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Introducing a new technique: Light therapy

 What is light therapy and how does it work?

Scientists discovered that certain single wave-length beams delivered powerful therapeudic benefits to living tissues through a process called "photo-stimulation".The cells absdorb the light which accelerates tissue repair and speeds up recovery time.

The four colors and their benefits are:

Reduces fine wrinkles Renews skin
Stimulates production of collagen Slows aging
Protects healthy skin Improves skin dullness, coarseness
Promotes skin rejuvenation Reduces hyper-pigmentation
Promotes blood circulation Improves oxygen exchange of cells



Kills bacteria that causes acne  Treats problems of oily skin
Promotes synthesis of protein  (blackheads and acne)
Tightens loose skin Reduces sebum secretion
Relaxes and soothes  

LED light treatment $40.00 with any facial


For more information please contact Ayala:

(925) 671-7117

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