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Australia Assignments
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- General Information
- Flora and Fauna
- Sydney Opera House
- Former UK Prison
- Great Barrier Reef
Anctartica Assignments
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Antartica Webquest Home
Oh my is this funny!
Probably the gullible people here (meaning all of you) were quite confused when they realized there is only one section here! Hahahaha!
Am I not clever?
Well, anyway, this is the General Information section. Answer all the questions and make it snappy. I have a ballet class in an hour.
Write these down with the Australia webquest sections and use yahoo or google to research answers.

1.Antarctica has a ____________ type of government.
2.The capital is ________________.
3.One in environmental issue is ______________.
4. List five resources found In Antarctica.
5.Explain the population breakdown.
6.Antarctica surrounds the North Pole?
True or False
7.Ross Sea surrounds Antarctica
True or False
8.About 72% percent is ice sheets
True or False
9.Is the coldest and driest continent during the winter
True or False

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