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Asportation-This is when an object disappears from its original place, sometimes never to be found, or to turn up in odd places.

Apportations-This is when an object appears from nowehre. Often thought of as the opposite action to an asportation. Anytime between an object disappearing and apprearing is usually known as limbo time..

The Focus-The focus is a term given to an adolescent or individula who is adversely effected by the presence of poltergeist activity or/and the individual that is often thought of being directly or indirectly responsible for some if not all poltergeist activity..

Imitative Voices-These are sounds that imitate equipment, appliances or even residents or pets of the household..

Disembodied Voices-These are sounds that can not be identified as imitative, suggesting the sound is foregin to the household..

Incendiary Effectts-Items that combust for no apparent reason. Sometimes objects are found warm or hot to the touch if this takes place, it is not classed as incendiary effect until the objec has literally combusted..

Apparitions-It is not often that apparitions are seen in connection with a poltergeist infestation. However, it has occured. Apparations seem to come in the following shapes and forms:.

Transparent/Translucent Figures.

Solid Figures.

Smokey Figures.

Shadowy Figures.

Strange Amorphous lights..

British paranormal investigator Harry Price stated that poltergeists can be cruel and spiteful, also ghosts seem to haunt where poltergeists infest. .

Formings are also know to have occured during poltergeist activity, such as water, oil, tar, and even on odd ocassions blood. Most hauntings refer to haunted places, poltergeists have been described as hanted people..

Poltergeists have been referred to as:.





Secondary Personalities.





Poltergeist Activity has been referred to as:.





Erratic .














In all circumstances ghosts prefer solitude where as a poltergeist prefers company. A ghost seeks the half light where as the poltergeist will preform on the sunniest of days..

Poltergeist infestations or visitations begin quite inexplicably, run their course and then cease as mysteriously as they began..

Poltergeist disturbances do not usually last for very long. .

Poltergeist Projected Objects.

Poltergeist projected Objects invaribly finish up at a lower level then the one ther were at originally. Thereby using the minium amount of energy, such objects are not usually sen to commence movement the human eye seems to be a deterrent. Objects fling through the air often drop to the ground as soon as they are observed..

Poltergeist Disturbances.

Poltergeist disturbances do not occur when the young person in the case is enjoing a normal sleep, and so it would appear that the higher centers of the brain are in some ways involved. Apparitions are not usually encountered in poltergeist cases, but like everything else there are exceptions. .

Uncontrolled Forms of PK.

In practically every authenticated case of potergeist activity, an adolescent of child has been present in the house, or associated closely with the house, and frequently the child has been shown to be under some sort of stress at the times the incidents occur. For this reason, poltergeists are generally thought to be an example of very powerful PK abilities which are being unconsciously used by the child..

Characteristics To Check For in Adolescents Involved in Poltergeist Cases:.

Intense EEG activity.


Sleep depreviation or disroders.

Lossof sense of taste.

High blood sugar values.

Pulse week and erratic.

Hormone balance disturbed.

The presence of adrenaline and noradrenaline.

Loss of body weight.

Pain in limbs.


General evidence of stress related conditions Poltergeist Classification System:.

Poltergeist Activity Level one(PA1)-Audible disturbances such as, bangings, knockings, rappings, or other unusual and strange smells or odors, cold spots, plasma effects..

PA 2- Levitation of objects, object movement, manipulation, amination, objects stacked or arranged, apportations/asportations, objects found unusually warm or hot to the touch. Physical formings such as oil, bloor, tar, or water. Disembodied voices or imitative sounds. Electrical or mechanical interference. Audible communication, objects found that do not belong, objects that go missing and trun up in odd places. Plants up rooted. Doors or windowns open or close, pets are annoyed or upset, sdden increase in electric bills, regular faulty appliances, items unscrewed, dirt of excrement found. Strange drawings, writings, paintings, or pictures found..

PA 3-Manifestations/apparitions, and amorphouse shapes or lights.

PA 4-Physical iteractons etc..

PA 5-Feelings of sexual interaction and pressure on the chest or head while resting. Sometimes paralysis is reported. This s usually known as the Incubus/Succubus state. The incubus interactis with females and the succubus interacts with the male .

PA 6-Possessive activity, behaioral disorder, possession or altered character. The above must be in association with the poltergeist activity to be catergorised as a PA 6. Each PA range can include any one or all categories except PA 6. Sometimes the phenomenon may never reach a high classification..

Statistics show that out of 100 investigated cases of poltergeist infestations only 12% are investigated by competent outsiders and the activity itself seems to be more intense during the evening rather than the morning. Most poltergeist activity seems to be a house centered phenomena(HCP)