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Alutiiq's Christmas Party 2004

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Hey everyone I thought that this would be a fun way for you to remember the memories and to share the pictures with your family and friends. I can only put so many pictures on at a time so what I am going to do is every so often (I am going to try for every other day) I am going to add some new pictures to the web site which means I will have to take the current off. So if you see some pictures that you like while browsing then right click on them and save them to your computer! If you have any pictures that you would like to see on this web site then please e-mail them to me at . If you have any comments or suggestions that you would like to give me about this website (considering it is the first one I have ever done) please feel free to let me know! By the way the captions under the pictures are supposed to be set up where you can change them so have fun with it!! Thanks and Merry Christmas, Kirstin

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