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Text Box: Thanks for coming to visit my page!  By now I’m sure that you’ve visited David and Joshua’s pages.  Pretty neat, huh?  Like how David called me “Super Mom”?  Hey, I can live with that!
Text Box: This was me the day before I was induced… I was HUGE!!

February 3, 2003
Text Box: Here I am holding Josh for the first time!  

February 4, 2003
Text Box: My little boy is my life.  He warms my heart.  He makes me smile.
(This was Joshua at 5 months)

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Text Box: The picture above was taken when Josh was about 17 months.  The picture on the left was taken on September 27, 2004.  I just couldn’t resist!!
Text Box: This is my hard working husband, on the job…...
Text Box: (Far Right) My two men!
October 2, 2004

Updated:  06/21/05

Text Box: This is my best friend Sarah Graham Motsinger.  She was married in February 2005.  We’ve been friends since 1989!  I was a bridesmaid in her wedding.  It was beautiful!!
Text Box:  
Abbi's UpdateText Box: 	Well, let’s see…  it’s June 21, 2005 and in the past two months, we’ve been to the ER three times (two my fault).  For some reason I can’t stop kicking my pinky toe on the couch.  And David has banned himself from playing softball.  Last season, he broke his thumb, and this season he came pretty darn close to breaking his face.  So as long as the two of us stay away from couches and softballs, we’re good!  
	Josh is doing good.  He’s talking a lot, I mean A LOT.  He starts pre-school in September at our church.  He’s so excited!  He always talks about going to his school, to his big boy room.  He spends a lot of time with me and David.  And a lot of time with our newest friends Eric and Aimee Gross.  They have a five month old little girl that David and I watch on the weekends for them.  They both work weekends… yuck.  Aimee is a charge nurse at the hospital where David works.  And as a bonus, they live just five buildings down from us in the apartment complex!  We have family dinners with them at least twice a month.
	David is doing great as well.	He’s still working at the fire department, staying busy, and also at the ER.  He tries to fish every day that he’s not on shift.  He’s picked up fly fishing and fly tying, and so have I.  (At least the fly tying on occasion!)  He recently went down to the deer lease to check things out for this upcoming season.  As I mentioned before, he had to give up on softball after being hit in the eye with one.  No fun.
	I’m currently still working at First Baptist Church here in town.  And recently I’ve been called to be the worship leader for a new ministry at church.  It’s called Celebrate Recovery.  It’s a program for people with hurts, habits, and hang-ups.  It’s a twelve step recovery ministry based on the beatitudes.  It’s been an awesome experience leading worship with great musicians and vocalists.  So between the upturn at the Baptist church and being a worship leader at my church, I’ve been really busy.