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Moonlight solutions, was founded in 1999 with the mission of meeting a new demand for high-quality, broadband Internet and data services in Australia and New Zeland. In 2002, we expanded our products and services portfolio and began to offer hosting and colocation solutions. We have evolved into an integrated, value-added services provider, combining local bandwidth and rack space with best-in-class, consultative IT know-how to satisfy complex, corporate outsourcing needs. Our best-in-class wireless technology and advanced NOCs are continuously upgraded as improvements become available.We have worked for years on developing high-quality international connectivity in order to improve the Internet and internetworking experience of our customers.

Our Internet Data Centers are the most advanced in Australia and New Zelaland and are comparable to the highest-quality data centers throughout the world.









Contact: Mr. Ordnajela Ayalo


Pnone number: 64+ (09)2222222 ext.1111

Disclaminer: this webpage was developed to partially fulfil an assignment in Information Management at Massey University. The information provided on is purely fictitious to protect the privacy of all concerned.