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"Kurt Angle:reminding us why successful people are so damn annoying"

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1/11/01 Smackdown! Recap

Austin/HHH/Angle video package from RAW. Well,I can say Austin bleeds well at least.

We're in Oakland,CA by the way. The announcers are hyping the "BIG FOUR WAY MATCH" tonight.

And fresh out of the gate is...Vinnie Mac. Might as well get comfy... Anyway,he had no knowledge of HHH's attack on SCSA Monday. He even "reprimanded" HHH this,this,this morning (why he stammered I have no idea). He goes over the Austin/HHH history,and tells us that that ends HERE TONIGHT! Well not really,because he ordered a 24 hour cooling off period for HHH and SCSA,and they won't be here tonight. The fans aren't too happy bout that.He mentions he MIGHT let SCSA in the Rumble.Also Vinnie makes the title match at Rumble HHH vs.Angle(which I actually think is cool).

Now despite the "cool off",he DID go to a lot of trouble to provide a satellite feed for SCSA and HHH to talk to us fans (gee that's great for us,I was wondering why this promo was wrapping up so soon). Anyway SCSA declined so we get HHH up on the TitanTron.

HHH is onscreen,he's sorry.Nah,just that fake HHH remorse,he'd do what he did to Austin anytime. Some more stuff,HHH tells Vince he's a great guy,yadda yadda he'll finish "this" when Austin is finished. Not a bad promo,just a bit long.HHH does manage to blast Angle though,good job keeping it all on track.HHH's new music plays to wrap up the segment.

Hey,what do ya know? Rock's here,in case ya didn't hear,he has Kishi,Taker,and Kane tonight. Trust me,you'll hear about the match quite a bit tonight from Cole and King.


Here's E&C,they talk about Angle's Rumble match. They call HHH "Sir Nose-A lot",that was funny.

Lita and the Hardyz come out,but first....

We see that Dean got the snot kicked out of him for seeing Lita's boobies on Raw. I would gladly get my ass kicked to walk in Lita's shower. Then again I'm a hornball and would even gladly get my ass kicked to get a chance to walk in on Lillian Garcia.Ahh well.

The "One" /w The Hardyz accompanied by Lita vs. RTC accompanied by Steven Richards(Bull,Val Venis,and Papa Shango).One fall.

A little pre match fightin,then Bull and Jeff start out.Jeff hits a splash on the outside early and pulls Bull in.Double team by Hardyz and Matt gets a 1 count. Bull tags Shango and they double team Matt. Shango gets a two. Matt's up and fights back enough to get a quick 2 count.Matt tags Jeff and we get to see some Poetry in Motion. Jeff goes for a Swanton and gets pushed off by Bull while the ref does his nails. Shango tags Val in and Val gets a powerslam on Jeff for 2. Jeff gets a jawbreaker on Val though and tags in "The One". Gunn hits the "One and Only" pretty quickly,and tags Matt. Matt hits the guillotine legdrop,and picks Val up for a Twist-Of-Fate,but feels compelled by Stevie Richards to eat a superkick. Val drapes his arm over and gets the three.

Lillian Garcia talks to Taker,Taker mocks her intelligence,and he tells us more about his "yard".

By the way,due to crap claymation Smackdown is shaved by thirty minuites tonight.

Smackdown is sold out,and the Raiders are also here.

Kane's ...pacing.

K-Kwik vs. Test(with older,better music)
People in the crowd dance REALLY badly to K-Kwik's rap spiel. Test just stares at the guy like he's on crack.
Lock-up and Test overpowers Kwik pretty easily.Kwik mounts a quick(oh me funny) comeback with a flying forearm. Kwik even gets a 2 on Test. Test is up and slams Kwik HARD,even the crowd went "oooo".Kwik gets pushed to the corner,fights back,but loses steam when his hip-hop-dance-elbow-thing misses and Test full-nelson slams him.Test then tires the meltdown,but Kwik wiggles free and takes Test down with a flying headscissors. Test is tired of jobbing however and does that nasty big boot to Kwik,and gets the three.

Kwik wants to be a happy face and shake hands.Test holds his palm high for a high-five,K-Kwik is too short to slap it. I think Test MAY have been dissing Kwik. Anyway,Regal is apparently tight with rappers cause he clocks Test with the Euro Belt on the ramp for dissing his homie. Whoever is doing Regal's make-up is good,he looks pretty banged up.

Rock is pacing too.It's a pacing type of night apparently.Think Kane should start an angle with Rock cause "The beautiful people stole my pacing angrily gimmick!"?


There's some XFL cheerleaders here in the back doing dance steps. Odd how they can't fraternize with NFL players in the crowd apparently. Anyway,Kaientai is with them. They do thier dub gimmick and it impresses the ladies,funny moment was Taka demanding they show him their "Ha-Ha's".

Kishi is doing those squat excersises all evil heels do.

Angle talks to Coach.Apparently Angle is against the idea of fighting HHH due to the McMahons being behind HHH. He gets over it though by announcing Trish will be in his corner at the Rumble.Nice idea.Trish brings her tits out for some airtime.

Y2J walks

Benoit takes a brisk stroll as well.

E&C walk,sans that huge Stacker 2 bottle.

And amazingly The Dudley Boyz are compelled to walk as well.


Our 1-800-Collect moment is Dudley's beating thier "parents" up on RAW.

You think you know E&C? Well if not they are in the next match,

E&C w/ Chris Benoit vs. The Dudley's w/ Y2J
I was doing a full recap of this,but here's the main points. You'll see why I skipped the match in a minute.Here's the cool stuff.
E&C did a five second pose
Y2J and Benoit decided to have a ladder match at Rumble for the IC strap (excellent idea).
That's it.
Because,SCSA had to run in and take out anyone who was in a tag team for the sheer reason he wasn't supposed to be there. This WOULD have been tolerable if he hadn't done it during pretty much the EXACT same match two months ago. So,just cause it was a lame run-in,here's another fast recap of what happened following the ring clearing.
SCSA yells for Vince,and he comes out.
Vince comes out,gets yelled at,and SCSA Demands to be in the Rumble. Vince caves,SCSA cusses HHH and drinks beer.Fun eh?


Cole and Lawler Hype the Tough Enough thingee.

Moments ago,SCSA hogged airtime.

Vince is walking to his dressing room all pissy,and starts bitching about the crappy night to Trish.He's annoyed that she's with Angle at the Rumble. She says she's been bad,she also wants a spanking,and we all hate Vince just a little bit more.People who say money can't buy happiness obviously are rich and just don't want us to know the real secret.Money can't buy happiness but it rents it for long periods of time.

Fatal Four Way: Kane vs.Taker vs. Rikishi vs. The Rock
Kane is down the ramp,and Rikishi is next,Kane refuses to let Kishi in and we go to...


Taker's out,but Kane and Kishi are already goin at it.Taker jumps in his "yard" and gives Kane a big boot. Rock figures he's built up enough crowd anticipation and walks out(oodly enough he does just walk out,no running,weird.Isn't this match important or something?). Taker and Rock back and forth.Kane from behind on Taker,and as Taker bails outside Kane works on Rocky. Rock comesback ,but Kane ALMOST gets Rock in the Tombstone (yeah whatever),Rock catches Kane with a DDT for a two count.Kishi is now in and knocks Kane out(the two in the ring/two outside stays that way through the match). Rock's out now, and Taker's wailing Kishi.Taker walks the ropes and hits Kishi. Rock and Kane fight some on the outside,Kane eats some steel steps at some point.
Kishi belly-to-bellies Taker inside and pins,Rock breaks it up and Kane clothesline Rock.Staredown by Kishi and Kane,but the decide to work the faces over.Kishi tries a pin though and Kane makes the save. Kishi and Rock fight in the ring as Taker and Kane go to it outside.Kishi has Rock all in the corner and readies the Stinkface,Rock low-blows out of it.Rock hits a spinebuster,and gets two as Taker pulls him off.
Taker and Rock inside now,Rock lays his smackdown as Kishi suplex's Kane on the ramp outside.Taker works Rock over in the corner as Kishi feeds Kane the ringbell outside.Kishi's in,and butt thumps Taker and Rock in opposite corners.Kane is in and chairshots Kishi,Kane covers for two before Taker stops it.
Taker Chokeslams Kane,Rock with the save,throws Taker out,and Rockbottoms Kane to get a two count when Taker makes the save from the outside. Taker pulls Rock outside,and Kishi takes advantage by banzai dropping the knocked out Kane for the three.
Winner and 30th man in The Royal Rumble:Rikishi Phatu

Faces take Kishi down,and then Rock and Taker get into it. Kane is up,and Chokeslams ALL THREE (not at the same time,dorks).Red pyro as we fade to Bill and Ted,Laverne and Shirley,whatever.


Copyright & Copy:2001 Tony Jackson,all rights reserved