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"Kurt Angle:reminding us why successful people are so damn annoying"

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1/4/01 Smackdown Recap

Well this is the sites first recap.and it's already late,so less talk and more stuff. Last Monday we see again how Austin was screwed out of his chance at the belt. I also affectionately call this the "Steph's Outraged Booby" segment. Anyway we see Austin is waiting for......Ted Dibiase? No, Steph of course. Of course we have to wait for that because we have to....

Welcome you to Smackdown from San Antonio,Texas.

Well,look,Y2J countdown,wonder if we'll get by without a long promo segment tonight? That Jericho Comic Book Cover t-shirt is snazzy btw. Anyway,he's got a mic,informsus that Benoit is lame,and thanks Austins wife for the title shot. Benoit comes out,wow he works a really good counter promo,and we're off.

Chris Benoit *Champ vs. Y2J1 Takedown by Jericho,with a elbow drop follow up. Jericho goes for his flair wooo chops but Benoit gets annoyed and drops him with a suplex. Benoit measures him with a quick elbow drop. Tries the crossface early but Jericho finds the ropes.A few nice chain wrestling moves ending with Jericho up and clotheslining Benoit. Y2J gets his running bulldog and a two count. Jericho then tries for a quick Lionsault and misses. Benoit is up and goes for Rolling german suplexes,only gets one,dammit that's one of my faves. Anyway,Y2J turns around to get his Walls but Saturn flies in because he's bald(like I have a good reason). Malenko comes down,Hardy's come down,we're informed the remaining radicals and Hardy's have some stuff later. winner:Y2J by DQ.

Hey,meanwhile here comes a limo out in the garage. Could it be Steph? Nahh,it'sWilly Regal,he has a cell and apparently is running scout for Steph,good thing cause Austins mugs the living hell out of him.Regal gets laid out on the limo,Austins peels out (slowly at first) and rams into some crap,sending Regal flying(I don't even think it was a stuntman). Austin then beats some more crap out of him,wow this is a cool segment.

commercials. Oh,nice,that claymation crap Gary & Mike is shaving thirty minutes off Smackdown next week. Yeah,premiering after Smackdown really helped Shasta McNasty huh?

We're back,Regal is shown getting besmirched yet again.

Now we see Regal getting a ride in the ambulance. He's selling the attack very well,good job.

You think you know E&C? Well if you don't they're going to help commentate for this next match.

Those Damn Dudley's vs. Bull and Kama Winners face champs at RR. Btw before we start Edge had a nice line about calling the Dud's "The Deliverance Boyz". Anyway Kama and D'von start it off Kama is all over D'von and tags in Bull. D'von is thrown outside,Kama sends D'von into those notorious steps,rolls him back in and Bull gets a two count. D'von continues to get punked ,Christian says something about Michael Col,N'Sync,and Reekasize.Oops,forgot the match,anyway Buh is in,and is on fire. Sidewalk slam on Bull,they put him up for the Doomsday Device,nail it,everything goes to hell cause E&C save Kama froma 3d,so they 3d Bull instead. Dud's celebrate by trying a wazzzup but E&C make the save and beat on the Duds. Winners and No.1 contenders:The Dudley Boyz.

We see Regal STILL isn't in the ambulance.

Lawler's worried about Steph while we worry about


Damn,I already hate Gary & Mike.

SCSA is still waiting,hey there's his wife. Debra tries to talk sense into him,but SCSA reminds her she's just T&A,she gets herself confused with the tag team and she leaves.

We see highlights of Kane and Rock from this weeks RAW.

Rock is with Kevin Kelly,he wants us to know he.... Loves the Belt Hates Kurt Angle Isn't going to be funny tonight. He also said "WrestlemOnia" during his promo,made me do a double take. Rock also decides to fight Angle tonight,non title. People cheer,Rock does his smell thing and we hit

commercials. "Why you break toilet?" I love watching Dexter's Lab during breaks.

Royal Rumble Replay is Lawler getting punked by Bret Hart.

Angle walks the aisle,and he is armed with a mic,but no relatives. He tells us he thinks Rock is a crybaby,that's irony folks. He also steals "Just Bring It" and THAT pisses the Rock off enough to come down for thier scheduled match.

Kurt Angle *champ vs. The Rock Non-title match. Angle runs up and meets Rock halfway,punches and more punches. They roll into the ring,Angle has Rock cornered,Rocky storms out with that charging forearm thing,knocking Angle down(think he had the Luger surgery?). Angle gets control back for a second before Rock drops him samoanly. Angle figures he's sold enough and belly-to-belly's The Rock,throws in a choke on the ropes to show what a dastardly heel he is,and hits a suplex to end a nice series of moves.After allthat,Angle gets a one count. Rocky throwin rights,but Angle nails the Hogan/Falir eye gouge.Rocky sends Angle sailing over the ropes,and follows Kurt outside to make him eat the announce table,twice even. The both manage to get on the table.Rocky tries the Rock Bottom,Angle blocks, then they both curse taiwan as the table collapses(second time a table screwed with Kurt,I smell grudge match). Kurt staggers up first and delivers a VERY sweet Olympic slam to Rock. Angle rolls in for a breather as Rock mentally estimates his earnings from the new Mummy movie.Rock staggers up,Angle jumps him,and it's on again. Kurt in control,rolling Rock in. Angle hits a nice missile dropkick,and covers. Rock kicks out at two and a half,making the Angle family weep back in Pittsburgh.

Both get up,double clothesline,both go down. This actually is a really good match so far. Rock is up,and hits a belly-to-belly of his own on Angle. Rock gets in the obligatory Laying of his Smack,and a Spinebuster,just so Angle remembers who the real franchise (shane?) of the WWF is. Rock sets up the Peoples's Elbow,then forgot he isn't "funny entertaing Rock" tonight but "Tough,Attitude Rock" tonight and gets a steel chair. The ref grabs the chair,Rockturns in time to catch Angle with a Rock Bottom. Ref stops Rock's chair antics again,the ref eats a Rock Bottom,as does his stripey shirt brother. Angle gets up again,and finally eats the delayed chair shot. Rock acts like he won the Superbowl by himself and shows off on the turnbuckles with the title he just didn't win. Still a good match.

meanwhile SCSA waits for...


Gary and Mike can die horrible deaths in claymation hell.

Slam of the Week Steph screwing Austin out of the title shot.

Hey,imagine that,Steph just pulled up. And straight out of Scream,SCSA stalks her to the ring. Of course she waits out in the arena while ScSA's intro cues. Redneck's everywhere admire the fact Austin has music to introduce the fact he's going to beat on a woman.

Steph is on her knees looking....Horny? No! She's scared for her life! Anyway,he threatens to beat her many times until Daddy Mac comes out. Ok,this is the long talky stuff,long story short. Vinnie says stay away from Steph,you get to be in the three way title shot match. Austin agreed and just because it's not a WWF show without a McMahon getting messed with,SCSA stunners Vince.


We saw what happened previously on the four hour long McMahon/Austin segment.

Steph amd Daddy plot,In a new and refreshing move,Vinnie is gonna be the referee!

The Hardy Clan vs. Those Radicalz/w Terri IT'S LITA!! Oh,and here's the Hardyz too. Here's the Radicalzzzzz with Terri in some swimsuit deal. Matt and Saturn start off,with Saturn getting the better until Matt gets a few shots in,and sets up for...something,Malenko ain't having it. Saturn hurts Matt a lil,punches him a lot,and delivers a nice DVD. Teri comes in,bitchslaps a Matt.She tries for young Matt's sac,but he dodges and Terri gets a toefull of Perry.Perry staggers and gets nailed with a Lita top rope hurricanrana. Lita mauls Terri,and goes for her Twist-of-Fate,Malenko once again ain't havin it,grabs Lita,pulls her out and smooches her,ok hang on,gets fast and confusing here. Lita smacks Dean Jeff runs over and hits Dean Saturn nails Jeff Matt rolls out and gets nailed by Saturn and Dean Jeff flies and hits everyone. Lita flattens Terri,but dammit DEAN'S NOT HAVING IT,and ddt's Lita. Dean Drapes Terri over Lita and there you go. winners:Radicalzzzzz

Lillian is there to let Kane bore us,thankfully we have the safety of

commercials. Jesse tells us how we can sell our soul to McMahon three times.

Hey,btw,triple threat match later,we even have a graphic for it.

RTC comes out,this time it'sVal heading up the pack. Hmm Val? Wonder if it's gonna be...yep there's the shitty music....

The One Billy Gunn vs. Val Venis Val fakes Gunn out,takes charge,but Gunn battles back and even hits an early Fameasser,and gets a two count for his trouble.Venis to the outside,and Gunn gorrila press-drops him on the crowd barricade (owch,nice shot of Stevie wincing across the ring).Venis back up quickly and shoves Billy boy into those lethal steel steps.Gunn and Venis back in,ddt,then a powerslam,THEN a tilt-o-whirl slamby Gunn. After all that,still a two on Venis. Venis gets a boot in,and gets a two on The One. oops fast stuff again... Billy SleeperSlams Venis Ivory Distracts.... Stevie Kick... winner:Val Venis

Gunn gets Ivory,Stevie saves,Gunn pounds Stevie.

McMahons backstage,more plotting,Steph goes to get things done. Any bets on Trish showing up?


We see Rock going crazy earlier,and Austin ditto.

We go to Vince's room,see Trish rubbin down some old man flesh (ewwww),and Steph walks in,tells Trish to take her tits elsewhere.

Coach takes a nap while Taker talks about his yard. He mentioned frogs.

Austins shows us how to tie shoes.

NoMercy Playback shows Test getting fooled by Trish.

Steph is still not happy with daddy, Daddy says"Behave or I'll send you where I sent Shane",Steph Screams "NO NOT OVW!!" and runs out screaming.

Test vs. Albert? Test Comes out to his older,cooler music. He's ready,Trish comes out,and says due to the fact she's boinking Vince.Test has to face Rikishi. So that means it's....

Test vs.Rikishi Rikishi REALLY looks like an old 80's kung fu movie henchman. Kishi misses his first butt bump avalanche.Test workson Kishi,Test gives Kishi a nice sweet hug,but Kishi calls him a fag and belly-to-belly's him.Rikishi then drops his leg on Test's nose (NO NOT HIS VULNERABLE NOSE!!). Test is up,off the ropes and hits a sunset flip. Not being a total idiot Test dodges a Phatu butt drop. Test goespsycho and rollsout to get Trish,Albert tries to save but ends up eating a ringpost. After all this Test STILL hits Kishi with a big elbow. Too bad he only could get a two count. Kishi nails a samoan drop,and follows it up with the assmaster but drop. winner:Rikishi Phatu

Albert A-Bombs Test,and then gets Kishi to Banzai drop Test as well. I smell a HUGE face push for Test in the works.

Taker Walks Austin Walks Kane's writing poetry


Here comes Vince as your ref. Here comes Kane as your tired gimmick. Ever think there'll be a Nah,me either. However here comes Taker,.com,Limp Bizquik and all,but no bike oddly enough. Austin comes out,and will be pissed later I'm sure cause Taker and Kane are already going at it.Ten minutes left for this,I smell a screwjob.

Taker vs. Austin vs. Kane Triple threat No.1 contenders match. The bros. work Austin over,until naturally Kane attacks Taker. Big boot by Kane sends Taker outside,Austin from behind,hits a Thez press on Kane after a few punches. Austin then gets pulled outside and beaten on by Taker. Kane is outside,Taker makes him eat ringpost. Austin and Taker inside now,Thez press on Taker now. Austin pins and gets a two. Taker gets up to catch a top rope clothesline from Kane. Taker rebounds after they get up with the flying ddt and goes for the Last Ride. Austin tries to stop it but Taker ducks and SCSA hits the ref. Kane nutshots Taker,and gets a stunner by Austin for his achievement.Vince pulls out the replacement ref,climbs in,takes forever and Austin only gets a two on Kane. Taker grabs Austin while SCSA us yelling at Vince. Taker Chokesalms,Austin,Kane,Tries Last Ride,Gets Kicked by a running in Rikishi,then chokeslams Rikishi,good night for Taker.Taker turns,gets a stunner for the hard work,and for some ungodly reason Vince gives Austin a fair count. The show ends with Vince showing the world he can count to six on two hands. Tony

Copyright & Copy:2001 Tony Jackson,all rights reserved