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In Perspective: When Hype Attacks

Author:Tony Date: Thurs, Jan 4, 2001, 7:50am Subject: Hype

Well,it's done,the site is up. Now,you may not care,or were even aware I was doing this. Now instead of huge sweeping promises of why this site is here,and why you should devote your time to coming here,I'm going to touch upon something that seems to be in our lives a lot. That is the infamous demon known as HYPE. This comes from the fact I myself have been hyping this site off and on to my friends. Obviously I know my friends will be the first to look at it,and also the first to slam it if it sucks. Considering I'm opening this site with this being the only column posted,I apparently have a masochistic streak. However,here I am hyping this more than the last Star Wars movie,or was it the last Adam Sandler movie? Anyway,I decided we should look into hype,how it gets started,what it is,and why we get so caught up into it.

Now most people automatically associate hype with movies. Now while this is certainly true,hype spreads over into ever genre,and even non genre of our lives. Music has hype,T.V. has hype,even video games get hyped now. Now however the intangibles get hyped. Right now nostalgia is hyped like crazy. Remember the 80's? Most of you do of course,and now those memories are not only just great to recall,but they also make you cool! Hype strikes again. Everything has to have this aura of mystery,and acceptance of being more than what it is. If anything comes out to be engulfed by our revenous appetites and need to socially consume something to be supposedly better people,it has to be presented with such a amazing precedent that you can't believe you lived without it. This is the makings of a monster.

"Why is hype turning into a bad thing?" You may ask,after all we love being teased and surprised. Give us something to get excited about. The problem is,is that we are becoming so dulled by the extravagance shoved at us for every "new thing" we get our expectations up,and our more often than not let down. When's the last time you've heard that something "live up to the hype"? The hype nowadays is better than the actual product we get in the end. We have become so jaded to the offerings we instead enjoy the madison avenue productions hyping the events even more.

This makes us a very odd group of culture consumers. We drive ourselves crazy over the hype,but usually can't stand the final result. Basically we eat all the breadsticks before we even touch the meat. This makes us enjoy fluff,and not even try to get the most out of what we've been getting "hyped" about. Basically,what I am saying is,next time you hear a HUGE movie is coming out,or that your FAVORITE author has a new book being printed soon,do this. Ignore all promotion of the event,shy away fromany word of how it ranks,who liked it,or if it's a bomb. Just purchase,or view it for yourself. Draw your own conclusions,and escape the hype.

Now we get to come full circle,and I get to plug my site. If you're my friend,don't expect this to be the most amazing site you've ever seen. If you have no idea who I am,don't think it's going to suck because I don't have a staff of hundreds. Keep an open mind,you may find there's something here you like. Don't buy into hype,make your own conclusion,who knows you may enjoy yourself more.

Plus I have this great thing coming to the site in a few weeks that'll blow you minds.......

What? Had to keep you on your toes


Copyright & Copy:2001 Tony Jackson,all rights reserved