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"Ok,it's official,people would pay just to watch Jim Carrey take a dump."

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The Grinch? EsBuenoĦ

A movie review

Greetings readers. Welcome to the first movie review I've ever written. Remember, these are my opinions, and they don't stand for the rest of the world's. If you disagree with them, fine, just be polite about it, and I'll show you the same courtesty.


It was the month before Christmas, and the theaters were packed. The Grinch was showing, and not a stinking movie pass to it was to be found. Shows sold out sometimes two or three in advance. What made this movie so popular? Most likely, both the good reviews it had been receiving and America's prior love for its cartoon version. Also, with the world becoming more and more materialistic, people were looking for the feel good movie of the Christmas season.


Finally, after many attempts on getting tickets, my family and I were able to get in. We sat down and watched the goofy pre-movie questions. Soon, the movie came on and we were rewarded for our perserverance by an hour and a half of humor and sentiment. So many things made this movie a fantastic success.


 On the surface, the movie is entertaining for even the youngest and most innocent of moviegoers. It has a funny guy in a weird get up, a cute and well trained dog, and cool hairstyles to wow even the most cynical of critics. Carrey carried himself excellently in this film, making it one of the few where his acting talents can actually be seen. Many people were disappointed in the casting of him as the Grinch, but Carrey proved them wrong, adding a kick to the character that no other soul in Hollywood could have. The dog Max's movements were well choreagraphed, and his character was used to further enhance the movie. Many children and even my own mother declared him to be their favorite character. Funky, creative hairstyling and make up added the final punch to the flick, making the watcher feel as if they really were in Whoville.


On a more serious note, when the surface glitz was scratched off, The Grinch had a deeper meaning to it. Society nowadays really has become a little too obsessed with material things. The true meaning of Christmas oftentimes gets lost among things such as decoration obsessing and gift buying. Hopefully, The Grinch spoke to many more people on a deeper level, reminding them that Christmas isn't about the gifts or silly Christmas lights, but about family and love.


So, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Take your children to see it. Don't drop them off, use it as an excuse to bond with those kiddos. No family around? Take your friends, even if you're in your late twenties. Everyone needs a good laugh and a reminder what the true meaning of Christmas is all about. Flitting back into the fairyland of dreams, this is Mai, signing off.

Copyright & Copy: 2001 Tony Jackson,all rights reserved