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Welcome to my web site. This is my first and I'm sure it shows. As with most web pages this will end up as a collection of things of interest to me.

By way of introduction my name is Patrick J. Daly, (Pat or PJ will do), and I am first generation Irish-American on my fathers side.

I am also a musician, and although my days of "playing out" seem over, I still play. I started out playing drums and even made a few bucks at it. I have since picked up the guitar and enjoy it too. I have created a page for each topic of interest, just follow the links to see more.

I am now living in South Carolina although I was born in New Jersey and educated in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania. I have been a member of the Boilermakers Union since 1963 although my last job was in 1996 in Peabody, Mass.

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