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Like Oregon, Washington is divided from
north to south by the high and broad wall
of the Cascades. The pleasant lands between
mountains and the ocean have very mild winters.
Flowers bloom all year.The moisture borne by the
Pacific winds is precipitated by the cold mountain
ranges, giving the western section one of the
heaviest rainfalls in the world!

Named for George Washington,
first President of the United States.

Nickname: Evergreen State,
for its forests of cone-bearing trees.
Formerly known as the "Chinook State,"
because it was once the home of
the Chinook Indians.


A picture of George Washington
encircled by the words
"The Seal of the State of Washington."
Beneath picture the date 1889
(admission to Union)

Motto: ALKI
Meaning "by and by," adopted from
Chinook jargon.


In center is the state seal in gold
on a darkgreen background.

State Flower:

Western Rhododendron.

State Tree:

Western Hemlock.

State Bird:

Western Goldfinch.

State Fish

Washington Trout.

Highest Point

Mt.Rainier, in the Cascade Range,
At 14,408 ft.

Lowest point: Sea level

Washington is bordered on the north
by Canada, on the east, Idaho, on the south
by Oregon and on the west, the Pacific Ocean.

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