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TJ's first kiss was with a girl from his school called Danielle - when he was 11! (Saucy!)

A huge fan of South Park, TJ's fave character on the show is Cartman!

When Take 5 caught 'Saving Private Ryan' while on tour in England, sensitive TJ admitted to crying during it's more emotional scenes!

On the subject of movies, TJ's favourite movie of all time is 'Jerry Maguire'.

TJ was the 1995 Star Search winner in America!

He has even performed at the White House for the President of the USA!

The rest of the guys think TJ has the largest feet they have ever seen on a 14 year old - size 12 and still growing!

For those of you who think TJ's a real blond - think again! His hair is actually bleached!

If you've caught the 'I Give' vid you would have noticed TJ and Clay were both after the same girl? Well, there was once a time when the 2 youngest members of Take 5 were actually after the same girl, who two-timed them both, and that's where the idea for the video came about!

Also the girl in the 'I Give' video is called Alyssa and she's in an Orlando Girl Group called R.E.A.L...(good luck girls)

While in a hotel in Germany, TJ's lip got caught in between 2 lift doors - which had not too good sensors - and poor TJ had to explain the reason to why his lip was cut to all his concerned fans! Poor guy!

Aaron Carter's twin sister, Angel, had a crush on both Clay and TJ at the same time!

Do you know that TJ once fell off his bed when he was 8 and cracked his head open? Ouch!

During one of Take 5's performances in Germany, Tilky's pants - which are the Adidas ones which have buttons down the sides - came apart because his hand got caught in-between the buttons and he was embarassed to death!

In his free time, Tilky plays the drums, does a little bit of martial arts and loves to be in water participating in sports!

When he was 12, Tilky got bitten by a Brown Recluse - a spider more poisonous than a Black Widow. He still has the hole in his kneecap! (Eeek!)

For those of you who have never heard of the name 'Tilky', it's actually the short form of a German last name 'Tilcher'. He was named after his grandfather.

Tilky had his first kiss when he was 8 years old and it was behind a Coke machine in a hotel!

Tilky's favourite movie of all time is 'The Game'!

Described as a perfectionist, Tilky always has to get things right and this sometimes causes him to be short-tempered when it comes to dealing with stuff!

In a recent magazine, the reporter described Tilky as having 'perfectly flawless skin and perpetual rose-pink cheeks!'. Hee!

One of Tilky's fave bands is Jamiroquai!

Did you know that Ryan spent some time at Oxford{for those of you don't know its one of the best universities in England}

Stevie's brother Joe and TJ's sister Traci are both in the movie which also has some well know bands in such as nsync, Britney Spears, and oh another group...oh yeah TAKE 5. The movie 'Jack of All Trades' is produced by Louis.J.Pearlman.

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