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Beth's Take 5 Experience

Hi okay this may take long I don't know but the fair was not at all like onion fest. Well let me start. They played on Sunday night and Monday. It was packed so we knew some girls from onion fest and we had talked to them throughout the day and they were in the front row so we went up by them and waited and waited I had to wait on the ground for it because there was no room on the bench and I was in the aisle so I had to hide from the security guard and stuff so anyway they came out and it was EXACTLY like onion fest. except their outfits. so we stayed until the first costume change then we had to run all the way back to the talent thing. anyway that was on Sunday on Monday we got to the fair at 7 a.m. to wait until 7 p.m. all day long in the heat and on hard benches. it wasn't really all that bad they had other people, anyway we waited and waited then around I guess 500 I think we went around back to were we knew they were going to enter and TJ came through the gates with his whole "posse" then finally around 645 I started to get more excited and they came out around 700 and got me going again. there were so many more people there then at onion fest that I know it mad them feel good so they sang and danced and even change things around later in the show they had just tj and ryan come out and explain things and just say there special thank you's because they are from mn then ryan came out and it was cool then tilky and stevie came out and they started again. well during one of the songs ryan came over on my side and we were in the front row and he was right there so I ran up to the stage which the security didn't like and I was going to go back but I was like screw it and I reached up to touch him and he put his hand out and it was all sweaty and he looked down and he was like hi and I was like I love you and he just smiled and I knew I had to go back so I did well they left and came back and did some more then they were like ok we are done and everyone rushed over to get in line and I yelled out " the tide is high, they didn't sing the tide is high" and then they came back out and were like "psych" and everyone rushed back and rushed to the stage and I stood on the bench were I had a perfect few and I sang to my fav song and then ryan came over and saw me on the bench and looked at me and was singing and I was singing to him and we were looking at each other and smiling. it was the best moment well then they got done and finally we got in line and oh wait I forgot to tell you who was there. lou pearlman yeah they were doing a special on him for 60 minutes 2 so watch for that because I will be on because he came over and talked to us and then the camera guy was taping the concert and kept scanning over the front row where I was. anyway they finally came out like a half an hour later and the line moved pretty fast and I had my picture ready and I will tell you the whole conversation that I had with them me " I told you guys that I would be front row and center for the state fair and I was" they all looked at me and ryan said " yeah I remember you" then I said " yeah i've been here since like 7 am" and they all were like " oh my gosh" and just looked at me like I was crazy and it was cute because clay just sat there and smiled and ryan and him have the cutest smiles" then I said" but it was well worth it because you guys put on a great show it was really awesome" and they were like thanks then I looked down and my autograph was gone and I was like where is mine somebody took mine and they all looked over and I was just like laughing and saying somebody stole my autograph and I turned around and looked at the body guard and he said somebody forgot there's and my friend was like ill take it and I was like hell no that's mine then I turned back around and said" come back soon guys we love ya" and they all looked and smiled. ok I know this is long just one more thing. we went back around to where they were going to come out and it was in this open parking lot and we could see everything and it took them forever to come leave and this fan for the hotel came to get them and they all got in except for tj who left with his friends for the fair ok finally they were leaving so I got ready and I started singing " the tide is high but im holding on im going to be ryan's number 1" and I said that as they were going by and the window was open and lou was in the front and he started to laugh and I know that ryan heard my song because I was yelling it. well then they were gone and that was my whole state fair experience.

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